Dolly Parton says her dad is ‘the main reason’ she started her children’s book program


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Dolly Parton says her dad is “the main reason” she started her children’s book program.

The 9-to-5-year-old hitmaker – who founded the Imagination Library, a program that sends children one book a month from birth until they start school – was motivated to get the job done by bringing the charity to relieve her father of feeling ‘crippled’ from not being able to read or write.

On Friday (11.03.22), the 79-year-old country sensation told RTE’s ‘Late Late Show’ host Ryan Tubridy: “My dad, even though he couldn’t read or write, he was one “Smartest people I’ve ever known. He had twelve kids, so he had to figure out how to feed them. He knew how to go out and make money.”

“He felt paralyzed by the fact that he could neither read nor write. It broke my heart that he was ashamed that he couldn’t read or write.

“I said to dad, ‘You would be shocked to know how many millions of people in this world can’t read or write. I tried to make it feel as good as possible.

The Grammy winner arranged for her father Robert Parton – who died in 2000, aged 79, five years after the project’s inception – to “get involved” with the work.

She said, “And I involved it when I started it, that’s the main reason I started it.”

Dolly – who appeared on the talk show via video link from Nashville – was joined by author James Patterson – who collaborated with the ‘Here You Come Again’ hitmaker on the new book ‘Run Rose Run’ – who asserted that literacy “saves lives”.

The 74-year-old writer told Ryan: “It saves lives, it literally saves lives, especially in this country. A lot of kids wouldn’t end up in jail if they had been able to learn to read and complete their education secondary.

James explained that he teamed up with Dolly because they both understood that they grew up in poor neighborhoods and had “the odds against us”.

He said: ‘I just had a rough idea for a novel about someone going big. You could have all the talent in the world and not be able to do it. Dolly and I both came from tough towns and villages and the odds against us were huge.

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