Dreamworks Animation Adapts ‘The Bad Guys’ Bestselling Children’s Book Series


In DreamWorks Animation’s new action-comedy The Bad Guys Will Be Well, Aaron Blabey’s best-selling Scholastic book series, a team of outlaw animal crackerjack criminals are about to attempt their con most difficult to date: becoming model citizens.

(L to R) Marc Maron as Snake, Sam Rockwell as Wolf, Awkwafina as Tarantula, Anthony Ramos as Piranha and Craig Robinson as Shark in ‘The Bad Guys’

In the film, Awkwafina is the only female member of the gang and gives no slack to the guys. In Aaron Blabey’s book series, Tarantula is actually a “Mr.” But when adapting the story for the screen, Blabey argued that the filmmakers turn the character into a tech-savvy woman.

Producer Rebecca Huntley loved how the audience received Ms. Tarantula. “One of the surprising things was how parents reacted to Ms. Tarantula representing women and girls in STEM. She is a cool and confident hacker, and the fact that the public sees her as a model in this regard was wonderful.”

Additionally, Awkwafina admired the skill with which the source material and screenplay balanced joyful imagination and poignant themes.

“The story is quite existential, and these are characters with heartfelt dilemmas,” Awkwafina says.

“It’s symbolic of how we as humans see ourselves, how society behaves and how we embody that, until we realize that we don’t have to be defined by certain things. . I love how The Bad Guys plays with aspects of good and evil. These are two terms that we see misinterpreted all the time. We see people who look bad but aren’t, and people who look good but aren’t.

She was thrilled to join such a brilliant group of fellow voice performers, as well as working alongside them occasionally, a rarity in animation.

“It’s a stacked cast of brilliant actors, and I’m a huge fan of all my fellow Bad Guys,” Awkwafina said.

The Bad Guys is a Universal Pictures International release and will open in local theaters on April 27.

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