Elizabeth Olsen set to release new children’s book Hattie Harmony: Worry Detective


Written by Elizabeth Olsen and her husband Robbie Arnett, the picture book helps teach children how to deal with anxiety.

A new children’s book co-written by Elizabeth Olsen will hit store shelves soon. Called Hattie Harmony: Detective Concern, the book is written by Olsen and her husband Robbie Arnett with illustrations by Marissa Valdez. Aimed at children ages 4-8, the book will be released on June 28, 2022. The authors can be seen celebrating the upcoming release in the Instagram video below.

Hattie Harmony: Detective Concern is described as a “new approach to wellness” that focuses on teaching children ways to manage anxiety. The editor also describes Hattie Harmony as a character “filled with warmth and humor” to explain self-care in a way young readers can understand. You can read the official synopsis below.


“She’s always there to help her friends when they need her. And the first day of school can cause a lot of nerves, whether it’s talking in front of the class or catching the bus. Hattie finds always the perfect tools to calm her friends’ bodies and minds. But when her own fears start to bubble up, can Hattie learn to overcome them herself?”

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Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett hope the book will help children

“Robbie and I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce Hattie Harmony to the world,” Olsen said of the book’s release, via People. “Inspired by the picture books we loved as children, we hope Hattie will become a friend and a welcome reminder to be kind to yourself and each other. We couldn’t have brought the world of Hattie without the imaginative illustrations of Marissa Valdez. In the words of Hattie Harmony… “Don’t worry, don’t worry, go away… There’s no time for you today .””

A joint statement from Olsen and Arnett added: “When we sat down to write Hattie Harmony, our goal was to create a relatable character that would make it fun and engaging for children to talk about complicated feelings. We hope that Hattie Harmony will become a welcome reminder that it’s okay to talk when we need help, and to always treat ourselves and others with kindness.”

Viking Children’s Books Associate Editor Tamar Brazis also said: “Elizabeth and Robbie brought so much empathy and humor to Hattie Harmony, which introduces young readers to the importance of self-care. This exciting new series provides parents and children with helpful tools they can practice whenever they need a little help coming back to the present moment.”

Hattie Harmony: Detective Concern will officially be released on June 28, 2022. As for when to see Olsen next on screen, those who missed it in theaters in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness can catch the movie when it hits Disney+ on June 21st. Olsen also stars in the upcoming HBO Max series love and deathchronicling the true story of housewife Candy Montgomery who murdered her friend Betty Gore with an ax in 1980. The series is coming to HBO Max this year but has no official release date.

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