Elvira Comic’s death announced by Dynamite



A new Elvira comic seems to take the mistress of darkness into uncharted territory, as The death of Elvira teases the demise of the iconic character. Over the course of his career, the figure has taken on all sorts of gruesome characters with supernatural abilities, with the next special seemingly taking the figure in a whole new direction. Dynamite Entertainment’s special launched an Indiegogo campaign, which includes a variety of limited-edition perks and incentives, including various covers, artwork, and other comics. You can secure your copy during the book’s official Indiegogo campaign ahead of the special 40-page release slated for this summer.

“I did a lot of crazy things as Mistress of Darkness,” Elvira explained. “Everything from movies to TV, music to comics, even wearing wired headphones and yoga pants! But I had one huge item left on my to-do list: DIE! Horror hounds, there’s more to this mind-blowing story than meets the eye!”

The new issue is described as follows: “They say every great comic book hero dies once or twice. Usually…they get better. 30 years ago, Superman met his end at the hands of Doomsday. Dynamite’s own Vampirella has been slain by her nemesis Nyx.. Now it’s the Dark Mistress’s turn – could it be Elvira’s death? Or is it just a desperate attempt to Enticing fans to buy this exciting issue? Only one way to find out!”

The book was written by David Avallone and features artwork by Silvia Califano.

“We were looking for a way to really honor Elvira’s 40th birthday, and I thought the best way to do that would be a recap of her amazing life and career,” Avallone said. “But I needed a dramatic reason to do it…and I decided to go with the most dramatic reason possible: his death!”

It’s just the latest exciting project to be announced that stars Elvira, as fans learned earlier this month that Cassandra Peterson, the performer behind the character, was set to appear in the upcoming The Munsters by filmmaker Rob Zombie. However, this upcoming adaptation sees Peterson playing an entirely different character from the Mistress of Darkness, but is sure to get fans excited about Elvira’s potential return to the big screen at some point.

You can secure your copy of The death of Elvira during the book’s official Indiegogo campaign ahead of the special 40-page release scheduled for this summer.

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