Embracer group acquires Dark Horse, comic book publisher Hellboy and Sin City



Embracer Group has acquired Dark Horse Media, which the company says will strengthen its transmedia capabilities by adding expertise in content development, comic book publishing and film production. Dark Horse Media is the company that oversees Dark Horse Comics, the third-largest comic book publisher in the United States, as well as production company Dark Horse Entertainment and the Things From Another World chain of stores.

On the comic book side of the acquisition, this deal gives Embracer Group ownership of comic book titles such as The Mask, Time Cop, Father’s Day, and Ghost. Dark Horse has also released several creator-owned series such as Frank Miller’s Sin City and popular manga like Berserk since its inception in 1986.

Although Embracer Group has not disclosed how much it spent to buy Dark Horse Media, the company did mention that 80% of Dark Horse shares will be acquired from a seller based in Hong Kong and China, and the 20 % remaining of founder. and CEO Mike Richardson and COO Neil Hankerson.

Embracer Group said business will continue as usual once the deal is done and Richardson and Hankerson will stay with Dark Horse. Beyond that, the company claims that there is untapped potential in making games based on Dark Horse’s intellectual properties.

“I cannot express the enthusiasm I feel as Dark Horse enters this new chapter in our history,” Richardson said in a press release. “The synergies that exist with the Embracer Business Network promise exciting new opportunities not only for Dark Horse, but also for the creators and companies we work with. I have had a number of exciting conversations with the CEO of ‘Embracer, Lars Wingefors, and I’m very impressed with him and what he and his team have built. “

Embracer Group currently has more than 60 in-house studios in more than 45 countries in Europe and the United States, and spent more than $ 1.3 billion to acquire Gearbox Software in February of this year. In August, the company spent an additional $ 313 million to purchase multiple studios, and last week it bought tabletop giant Asmodee in a record-breaking $ 3.1 billion deal.

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