Esteemed author Patricia Daly-Lipe is rightfully named a favorite professional representing the literary arts


Dr. Patricia Daly-Lipe is Preferred Professionals Top Author of the Year

Dr. Patricia Daly-Lipe, PhD, has been appointed Favorite Professionals Best Author for 2022! Known as the “Literary Lady”, her passion for writing shines through in every story she has written, reaching avid readers of all ages from around the world.

Known as the “Literary Lady”, Dr. Daly-Lipe has written a total of 11 books in various genres including, “Myth, magic and metaphor, a journey to the heart of creativity”, “La Jolla, a celebration of its past”, “A cruel calm, Paris between the wars”, ‘Miami’s Yester’ Years and Its Forgotten Founder, Locke Tiffin Highleyman’, ‘Patriot Priest’, ‘Horse Tales’, ‘Historic Tales of LaJolla’, ‘Nature’s Wisdom’, ‘Helen Holt’, ‘All Alone’ and ‘How She Did It’, a tribute to her mother-in-law and best friend, .

His books, “La Jolla, a celebration of its past”, published by Sunbelt Publications, was the winner of the San Diego Books Awards in 2002; “A cruel calm, Paris between the wars” (1st Edition: ‘Forbidden Loves’), won the 1st Runner-Up for Fiction JADA Trophy and the Finalist Award and won FIRST place at the 2013 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards in the Historical Fiction category. Two of Dr. Daly-Lipe’s books, Myth, magic and metaphor and patriot priest were recognized by the New York City Book Awards. , MYTH, MAGIC and METAPHOR, a journey to the heart of creativity is based on the courses taught by Dr. Daly-Lipe in Annapolis. It, like its courses, is intended to inspire the reader to become a writer, artist or musician; listen to the creative muse that lies dormant in each of us. Dr Daly-Lipe hopes his book ‘A Cruel Calm, Paris Between the Wars’ could be considered for a film. His son Johnson Daly is currently writing the screenplay.

“To be a writer, you have to have the courage to listen to your heart and let yourself speak. There are no rules. »

An accomplished writer, Dr. Daly-Lipe is also published in ‘TRACKS’, The Piedmont Journal of Poetry and Fiction published by PJPF, edited by Sara Brooks; for the poems ‘A poetic meditation’, ‘Creativity’ and ‘Les Pierres de Lacoste’. “Keep a journal,” Dr. Daly-Lipe advised all writers. “Write down your thoughts. Write about how you feel. The next generation can learn from it,” she explained. “To be a writer, you have to have the courage to listen to your heart and let yourself speak. There are no rules. »

Dr. Daly-Lipe is the former president of the La Jolla branch of the National League of American Pen Women and later president of the Washington, DC branch. In 2007, she was a speaker for the 2007 Spring Conference of the 36 National Capital District Toastmasters. His presentation was titled “The Power of Words”. The Special Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Patricia Daly-Lipe for her entry in the 2009 ‘Golden Nib’ competition and a Second Place Poetry Award for ‘A Poetic Meditation’.

Dr. Daly-Lipe wrote for the Evening Star Diary in Washington, DC, the Beach and Bay Press, including News from La Jolla Village in California, and The Georgetowner and Uptown Newspapers in Washington, DC as well as several magazines across the country.

In 2010, she was recognized as a VIP in Cambridge Who’s Who. In 2013, the Virginia Writers Club Summer Short Film Contest awarded Dr. Daly-Lipe first place for the Non-Fiction Contest. His entry was titled: Journey to the heart of creativity. In April 2014, Dr. Daly-Lipe was a guest speaker at the annual Maryland Writers Conference. His presentation was ‘Personal perspective in fiction and non-fiction.’ In 2016, she received the International Association of Best Professionals’ Best Author of the Year award. Today, for his ongoing contributions to the literary world, as well as his passion and ability to make a difference in the lives of his readers, Dr. Daly-Lipe holds the title of Favorite Professional Author of 2022!

Dr. Daly-Lipe’s distinguished career began with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Vassar College and a Bachelor in Thomistic Philosophy from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) in the mid-1960s. Living in Rome, Italy, Dr. Daly-Lipe met his only relative living on his mother’s side, Msgr. William Hemmick. Her book, PATRIOT PRIEST tells the story of her great-uncle whom she did not know until she researched it years later. (When the First World War broke out, he felt committed to helping the troops. After the war, he was proclaimed a patriot priest of Picardy by the army and navy. After years spent in Paris, William Hemmick was asked by the Vatican to come Ultimately, he became the only American Canon of St. Peter representing the Knights of Malta to the Holy See.) Dr. Daly-Lipe went on to earn his doctorate in humanities specializing in creative arts and Columbia Pacific Submission 1998.

While creativity runs through his veins, Dr. Daly-Lipe can also be found lending his time to his paintings. “Sometimes it’s therapeutic to paint something that reflects how you feel.”

She also saves thoroughbred horses. She has previously bred and raced Thoroughbreds (winning at Santa Anita, Hollywood Park, Golden Gate and Del Mar) and has ridden and won in the hunter and jumper divisions at horse shows in California. Now his granddaughter, Locke Motley, is winning at horse shows. Two of her rescued horses who insisted on coming with her and her husband when they moved to Florida, “wrote” a book, “HORSE TALES, Teddy and Just’n Come to an Understanding” which she “translated “.

When not writing, Dr. Daly-Lipe enjoys spending time with her three children and her husband, Dr. Steele Lipe, MD, a retired anesthesiologist. Both natives of LaJolla, Calif., the couple have been married for 24 years, with Steele having lent a hand as editor of several of her books, including ‘Historical Tales of La Jolla’ where they both grew up. .

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