Ex-Rochdale teacher publishes second children’s book



A former teacher has written his second children’s book, based on games he played with students.

Stuart Barlow, 71, based his new book ‘Horror in the Dells’ on writing activities he used with pupils at his former primary school in Failsworth.

The new novel follows his first children’s story “Survival on Cannibal Island”, which was published earlier in the year.

“Horror in Dells” tells the story of a group of college students who investigate a mysterious plume of smoke rising from the dells at midnight on Halloween.

Will they make it or will they be forever lost in this dismal half-world between their reality and the horror of the valleys?

Born and raised in Rochdale, Stuart, a longtime Rochdale Hornets fan, said the new book was once again inspired by a game he played with his students.

He said: “To create the setting for this story, I would take my class to the adjacent glens and once there we would create a fantasy world of witches, goblins and other horrific creatures that fired the imagination. children and expand their vocabulary.

“The end product was the creation of wonderful writing, which they were invariably proud of.

“My other novels are based on stories that I created to use as starting points to excite students’ imaginations and stimulate an enthusiasm not just to write, but to enjoy the experience.”

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