EXCLUSIVE: ‘Shocked by what we found’ – House Republicans demand answers from Governor on alleged sexually graphic children’s books


A group of Pennsylvania House Republicans, led by Rep. Fred Keller, sent a letter Tuesday to Gov. Tom Wolf and Acting Secretary of Education Eric Hagarty calling on them to explain why they are receiving complaints about the discovery of sex books in libraries. for young students.

Keller’s office told the caller they had received numerous messages from worried Pennsylvanians about sexually graphic books found in PA K-12 libraries. Keller and four other Republicans from the Pennsylvania delegation sent the letter, first obtained by the Daily Caller, to Wolf and Hagarty asking for answers on why such explicit content is allowed in Commonwealth schools.

The legislators specifically mention the book “Gender Queer: A Memoir” written by Maia Kobabe. In the bookthere are sexually explicit scenes including exposed male genitalia and an oral sex scene between two youngsters. (RELATED: ‘A Person With A Vulva’: School District’s New Sex Ed Curriculum Includes Trans Books For Kindergarteners)

“American schools should be a place of learning and growth for students, not a breeding ground for woke propaganda from the left. After our team received reports from concerned parents in Pennsylvania that K-12 school libraries were offering books about highly inappropriate and explicit sexual material, our team looked into the matter and we were shocked by what we found. There is absolutely no reason for students to be exposed to such graphic material in an educational setting,” Keller told The Daily Caller before sending the letter.


(DAILY CALLER OBTAINED) — … by Henry Rodgers

“Pennsylvanians want answers and we are calling on the Governor and the Pennsylvania Department of Education to investigate this matter, determine how to resolve this issue, and consult with local education authorities, affected parents, and educators,” said continued Keller. (RELATED: Sex Ed Advocate Claims Education Activists Part of ‘Organized White Supremacist Groups’)

Here are the questions lawmakers ask in the letter:

  • What processes are currently in place to review school library materials?
  • How do school boards, schools, and librarians engage with parents to determine age and appropriate school content?
  • What have the PDE and the administration done to ensure that the focus remains on academic outcomes and student success?
  • Was there an investigation into this case?

The Daily Caller contacted Wolf’s office and the office of the Acting Education Secretary about the letter to which they did not immediately respond.

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