Fans call out Jinger Duggar Vuolo over questionable posts in her children’s book


Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s hobbies have often made fans see red. Critics accused her of elitism for customizing an expensive pair of sneakers. Now this new children’s book has fans accusing it of being deaf.

For example, “You Can Shine So Bright!” repeatedly portrays a black girl in a negative light. In one illustration, she is seen angrily pulling a toy out of a friend’s hand. In a section on “Self-Control”, the girl slides three balloons from a group marked “Take One”. A commenter wrote on Jinger’s instagram page, “Deeply disappointed that you chose to use the only person of color to be the thief.” It should be noted, however, that illustrator Naomi C. Robinson is black.

Another character, a boy in a wheelchair, is associated with the text, “[Jesus] love you too, more than you know.” Katie Joy from Without Crystal Ball YouTube Channel was among readers who were offended by the implication that the child is loved by God despite his disability, rather than as a unique individual. One follower said, “The fact that the little boy in the wheelchair is alone also makes me really sad. Why didn’t he play with friends throughout the book!?”

Some fans were less critical. “I honestly don’t think it’s that bad… Illustrator is black so I really don’t think she was doing anything racist,” one user commented.

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