Final Fantasy 13 Custom Trading Card Game Starter Set Revealed


Square Enix delivers the second version of its Custom Starter Set series, and this time the spotlight will be on Final Fantasy XIII. The Final Fantasy XIII Custom Starter Set will include a 50 card deck and 50 customization cards so players can truly create their own unique elemental deck and is especially ideal for new players who are not as familiar with building their own games. There are 30 new Starter cards in the set, and one of the Lightning cards will be a Full Art Premium Foil card. You can check out the set in the image below.

The set includes 24 Ice Element cards so you can turn a Fire and Ice deck into an Ice and Lightning deck, which changes things up a bit from the first Custom Starter Set. This set was inspired by Final Fantasy X and included Wind and Water cards to switch between Wind and Water, Fire and Water, and Fire and Wind decks. You can find the official description for the Final Fantasy XIII Custom Starter Set below.

(Photo: Square Enix)

“FINAL FANTASY XIII Custom Starter Set” is the second release in the “Custom Starter Set” series, which includes a 50-card deck, as well as 50 customization cards for players to have fun customizing their own deck.

By simply replacing the Fire or Lightning element cards in the starting deck (24 Fire element cards, 24 Lightning, 2 Light element cards), with the 24 Ice element cards included in the customization cards, you can easily turn the deck into a “Fire/Ice”. or an “Ice/Lightning” deck. Additionally, there are 26 freely interchangeable cards, allowing players to create their own custom deck.

Unlike the “Two Player Starter Set”, the “Custom Starter Set” contains only one deck. However, it allows players to experience the fun of deck building for the first time, which can be a hindrance for many beginners.

Among the 100 cards included in the deck and customization cards, there are 30 new Starter cards in total (3 cards each of 10 different cards). For the Starter Lightning card [19-138S]one of the cards will be a Full Art Premium Foil card.”

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