Grand Theft Auto Leaker Claims First GTA 6 Screenshot Leaked


The first one GTA 6 screenshot was reportedly leaked months ago. On February 4, Rockstar Games announced the next Grand Theft Auto Gamehe hasn’t called yet GTA 6 and of which nothing is shown, or so we thought. Back on November 16, 2021, a new image found in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition made the rounds as it was speculated to be the first screenshot of GTA 6or at least one GTA 6 To tease. Months later, a Grand Theft Auto leaker claims it is indeed a screenshot of GTA 6and thus our first look at the game.

Taking to Twitter, Matheusvictorbr claims they have been confirmed that the image mentioned above and featured below is indeed GTA 6. In addition to this confirmation, the leaker is injecting speculation, noting that it’s possible the location pictured is inspired by Hollywood, Florida, a major city in Miami, the latter being the supposed setting of the game, or at least a map location.

“After a few months, I confirmed that this image is from the next title of the Grand Theft Auto series,” said Matheusvictorbr. “The in-game location is possibly inspired by an American suburb near Hollywood, Florida.”

As you can see, all of this information is in Portuguese, which is a difficult language to translate into English, so take the above translation with a grain of salt as sometimes vital meaning and context is lost in translation. And of course, take the claim itself with a grain of salt as well. This is not an official confirmation or an assertion validated or regurgitated elsewhere.

Rockstar Games never comments on rumours. He doesn’t even recognize them. Thus, it should come as no surprise that he did not mention this rumor in any capacity whatsoever. This is very unlikely to change, but we’ll update the story accordingly if it does. In the meantime, for more coverage on the next Grand Theft Auto click here or browse the relevant and recent links below:

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