Holy comic book theft! Thieves steal $100,000 worth of comic books



FALLS CHURCH, Va. (DC News Now) – Anyone who helps return a valuable stolen comic book collection could receive a reward.

Thieves broke into Victory Comics early Tuesday morning, broke into a storefront and stole the comics there along with others in the store.

“We’ve done a full audit now, it’s well over $100,000,” owner Jeff Weaver said.

The amount, according to Weaver, is more than double the original estimated value of the comics.

Among the stolen magazines, X-Men #1 from 1963.

“It wasn’t new, it was an inferior copy,” Weaver said. “But it’s worth $11,000 for just one book.”

He is not the only one injured by the loss of the goods.

“It’s just starting to flow, it’s not just the money. But the feeling of being violated,” Weaver said. “It’s not just a retail store, it’s really a community. Hundreds of people come here every month, hang out, play games and watch comics.

Victory Comics offers more than just comic books. There is a wide selection of sci-fi merchandise and fantasy games. But, the thieves only focused on the comics.

“It’s a bit strange. I don’t know if they were targeting those,” said Danielle Lasley, who shopped trading cards and comics with her son. “I don’t know. It makes you wonder why they didn’t get other things.

Weaver, however, is not surprised.

“For many people, comics are a frivolity. They don’t think they’re important,” Weaver said. “They don’t realize that if you’re selling comics, it’s your livelihood. It is a small family business. »

The Weaver family and employees just want some of their most prized possessions back.

Weaver said he’s insured. Security footage from the theft is now in the hands of Falls Church Police.

Weaver is offering a $2,500 reward for returning the stolen comics and another $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible.

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