Horror Movies We’d Love To See As TV Shows


When it comes to horror movies that would translate well to the small screen, teen movies can’t be beat. The familiar beats of a school year, ever-changing character dynamics, and possibilities for era-specific nostalgia make these films a great option for further exploration. And while plenty of teen-centric horror flicks — from “The Craft” to “Assassination Nation” — would likely make for impressive horror shows, few from recent years seem to have as much television potential as “Freaky.”

The 2020 horror-comedy stars Vince Vaughan and Kathryn Newton. Vaughan plays a ruthless and off-putting serial killer called the Butcher of Blissfield, while Newton plays high school student Millie. Only it’s not your stereotypical slasher: It’s also a “Freaky Friday”-style body-swapping flick, meaning Vaughan spends much of the film playing a girly teenager while Newton plays a deranged empty-eyed killer. “Freaky” takes place over just a few days, but it would be fun to see this kind of plot unfold over a longer period of time. The Butcher could take the SATs while Millie tries to find another career. With the right script, a “Freaky” show could be one of the weirdest and most sublime coming-of-age stories on television.

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