House of the Dragon Star will not watch its last episode



HBO’s most recent episode Dragon House will likely prove to be the most crucial of the show’s first season. “Lord of the Tides” ended with the death of King Viserys Targaryen, an event that had been building since the series premiere. With Viserys gone, the war for the Iron Throne can begin. Paddy Considine, who played Viserys on the show, hasn’t watched the character’s slow decline or emotional death scene, and he doesn’t think he’ll ever want to see it play out.

Talk with the New York Times this week, Considine said he was not a fan of watching himself on screen. He especially didn’t want to see himself on the slow ramp to death that Viserys has known all along. Dragon House.

“No, I haven’t, and I don’t know if I ever will,” Considine said. “I haven’t seen anything beyond episode 2, really. Some people don’t like to watch themselves, and I’m one of those people. It’s debilitating. ‘gap. I’m sure someone will show me a photographer.”

Considine may not watch his character’s death on screen, but he still loves how the whole story ultimately unfolded for Viserys.

“I think it’s very noble and dignified how he carries himself,” Considine told The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s suffering terribly from an affliction. He basically gets a form of leprosy that creeps into his body, his bones are starting to fail. His lungs are starting to fail. He just dies a slow, horrible death. “He looks like an old man in the end. He doesn’t! He’s a young man. He’s only a few years older than his brother, Daemon. But it aged him.” And it’s a metaphor for what power does to people, even if he doesn’t use it for his own personal gain. He doesn’t get drunk on power, he’s responsible. But the demands of being a king weigh on the physical body. So it was interesting to play that decline in him. He just tries to do good. He can say a few words before he leaves, which I was grateful for.”

How many episodes are there in House of the Dragon?

Dragon House has already been renewed for a second season, but its first outing is very close to ending. Following Sunday’s new episode, Dragon House Season 1 only has two episodes left.

Are you looking forward to seeing the last two episodes of Dragon House Season 1? Let us know in the comments!

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