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Marvel fans have spent months speculating on Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow, as moon knight The villain’s role, intentions, and allegiances were all kept under wraps in the months leading up to the Disney+ series premiere. Fortunately, the first episode of moon knight was finally released today on Disney+, and the first episode of the series is quick to offer groundbreaking revelations about Hawke’s dangerous and seemingly omniscient cult leader.

In his first scene in the series, Harrow announces to a group of onlookers that he is ready to judge anyone who comes forward as “Ammit”. The rest of moon knight Episode 1 does a lot to explain Harrow’s motivations and his connection to Ammit, but to say he’s not the villain most comic book fans expected would be an understatement.

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In fact, while Harrow and Ammit are both existing Marvel Comics characters, they’ve been changed both big and small to moon knight.

“There is chaos in you.”marvel studios

Balancing the scale — Before the premiere of moon knight, one of the main theories surrounding Hawke’s Arthur Harrow was that he would turn out to be the current Sun King from Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight. This was largely based on the fact that Arthur Harrow isn’t a particularly notable character. In the comics, he’s a forgettable mad scientist whose stock villainy has had a limited presence.

So many people assumed that Marvel simply chose to give Hawke moon knight villain the name of a minor comic book character in order to hide its real importance. However, while Hawke’s Arthur Harrow is the avatar of an Egyptian deity in moon knighthe is not a Sun King or a disciple of Amun Ra.

Instead, Harrow is a follower of Ammit, a mythical Egyptian figure who has also been reworked quite a bit for moon knight.

Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) meets Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) for the first time in moon knight Episode 1.marvel studios

Embrace the chaos — In comics and in traditional Egyptian mythology, Ammit (or Ammut) is usually referred to as the “devourer of the dead”. She is present whenever Anubis, the lord of death and rebirth, weighs a mortal’s soul on a divine scale. When a person’s soul is deemed impure, Ammit devours it. She’s a fairly minor figure in Marvel Comics, though she does at one point team up with Khonshu in a plan the latter hatches to drive Marc Spector insane.

In moon knight, Ammit is given a very different role. Rather than just being the devourer of souls, Hawke’s Arthur Harrow says she’s the one with the power to weigh them down in the first place. If Harrow is correct, that means Ammit received some of Anubis’ powers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is evident from the fact that Harrow can apparently judge people’s souls on his behalf based on the movement of the scale tattoo on his arm.

Ammit’s ability to determine which souls are clean and which are not seems to be at the heart of why Harrow is so devoted to him in moon knight.

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant/Marc Spector in Marvel’s moon knight.marvel studios

the Reverse To analyse – moon knight has the potential to take both Harrow and his devotion to Ammit in a number of different directions. However, the show’s first episode makes it clear that neither Harrow nor Ammit came to life the way most comic book fans expected.

Instead, Marvel did something with its moon knight antagonists it’s become accustomed to in the past: the studio took two established Marvel Comics characters and presented viewers with entirely different versions suited to the MCU.

moon knight is streaming now on Disney+.

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