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Today, we take a look at how a notable Daredevil storyline involving Kingpin and Echo informed how comic book fans viewed the end of the Hawkeye season (series?) Finale on Disney +. Obviously, from this description, we imagine you will understand that this article will inherently deal with the spoilers of Hawkeye’s season finale on Disney +.

This is a feature called “Written in Book”. It’s basically the reverse of another of my features called “Follow the Path,” where I highlight changes to comic book characters based on outside media, as well as characters entirely drawn from outside media. Nowadays there are so many comic book movies and TV series that we can highlight examples of TV and movies adapting specific and less famous comic book stories to other media (so no ” Spider-Man lifts debris “or stuff like that).

This edition of “Written in the Book” is similar to the last time we did one, is that it is SLIGHTLY different from the original intent of the feature film, but I can’t help it, sometimes it is. are the most interesting ones. Here, therefore, we’re talking about a specific comic book influence on the MCU that is purely speculative, as we don’t yet know if it’s REALLY an influence. However, I think it’s still important to explain why comic book fans are so convinced Kingpin wasn’t killed in the Hawkeye season finale and why it’s different from fan speculation in the past. (like the infamous “Everyone in WandaVision is Mephisto in disguise, “which was NOT based on a specific reference to a comic book).

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HOW KINGPIN’S RELATIONSHIP WITH ECHO Closely followed the comics

“Parts of a Hole” took place at daredevil Vol.2 # 9-15, the first issues after Kevin Smith stopped writing the revived daredevil series (which was relaunched as part of a deal Marvel made with Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti’s Event Comics to cover a few titles under the generic title “Marvel Knights”). Written by David Mack with illustrations by Joe Quesada, David Ross, Rob Haynes and Jimmy Palmiotti, this story features Maya Lopez, a deaf woman who falls in love with Matt, giving her life new meaning in the wake of Karen Page’s murder. . However, what he doesn’t know is that Maya Lopez was manipulated by the Kingpin into believing Daredevil murdered her father.

Kingpin and Maya have a very close uncle / niece relationship …

Dressed as the vigilante Echo (she has a large white handprint on her face, to echo the bloody handprint her father left when she died), she has photographic reflexes, similar to the villainous Taskmaster. So she can echo the skills of anyone she studies. She is also a highly trained athlete, which allows her to implement the skills she is studying. So when she confronts Daredevil, it’s difficult for Matt, as he instantly recognizes her (she doesn’t really wear much of a disguise), so how does he deal with fighting the woman he’s fallen in love with?

Joe Quesada did a remarkable job on the art for the questions he made for this story.

But of course the twist is that it was KINGPIN who killed his father, not Daredevil …

As you can see, Maya’s background in the comics was VERY close to the description of her background in the TV series. This is why Echo and Kingpin’s final scene will almost certainly ALSO be informed by the final scene that Echo and Kingpin also share in the comic book storyline.

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First off, let me note that CBR’s Fatima-Zahra Ahmed wrote about that same comic book scene right after the finale came out. If I hadn’t already started discussing this topic in the previous writing in the book, I probably would have let its discussion go on its own, but since I’ve already started this topic, you might as well keep going!

One of the hooks from the original “Parts of a Hole” script that didn’t make it into the TV show was the admittedly very “Comic book-y” angle where Echo kept the weapon that was used. to kill her father and plans to use Daredevil to assassinate as soon as she can. She gets the chance during an epic fight in daredevil # 15 (by David Mack, David Ross and Mark Morales), but Matt Murdock reveals the fact that HE is Daredevil for her during the fight and since she spent time with Matt, she knows he is telling the truth when he notes that he is obviously too young to have been the person who murdered her father when she was a child …

At this moment, Maya clearly realizes that the only person who could have done it was the person who had manipulated her all these years, Wilson Fisk. She tracks him down (in the meantime we’ve heard about how Wilson became the Pivot in part because of his “vision.” This word is used repeatedly in the comics) and confronts him, pointing to the gun to her head, just like she does in the Hawkeye season finale. She pulls the trigger just like in the Hawk Eye final season …

However, have you noticed the bit in the Hawk Eye season finale where Kingpin says he and Maya haven’t been “okay” with each other? It’s basically the same as the ‘vision’ comics, because of course, at the end of the storyline, we learn that Kingpin survived the gunshot wound, but it made him blind …

In the comics it was obviously a play on how the story arc was about a man who can’t see fighting a woman who can’t hear and now the Kingpin can’t see no more, but presumably the next TV series, Echo, will have a different angle, but either way it seems likely that Kingpin survived the gunshot wound and will simply be blind on his next appearances (maybe his eyes will eventually heal as they were in the tapes. drawn).

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