How Vampire Academy will differ from the 2014 film


Peacock’s Vampire Academy TV series is a new adaptation of Richelle Mead’s bestselling book series that promises to stray from the 2014 film.

vampire academy is getting its second adaptation in the last ten years – and this one is on the small screen. The new Peacock series has released its first trailer teasing what the TV show will cover and what its style will look like. The series’ attempt to distance itself from the 2014 film that disappointed fans and critics alike is immediately apparent. vampire academy on Peacock promises a fresh take on the source material.

With the vampire academy movie receiving such a poor reception, it’s no wonder the new show is trying so hard to be its own thing. Although the trailer doesn’t reveal much of the plot, it looks like the series will still follow Rose and Lisa’s relationship and her subsequent run from St. Vladimir’s Academy. However, the real differences of the upcoming show will mostly be in its style.

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The 2014 film opted to change up the vampire style by modernizing its look, but kept the story intact. Instead of delving into the darker aspects of the academy and the Victorian feel of Moroi royalty, it had stylized the feel of high school drama. While the upcoming show’s trailer depicts the Guardians in modern leather jackets, it doesn’t have the mean girls the influence of the film. In fact, it seems to go back to the basics of the genre.

The series seems to lean heavily on traditional vampire aesthetics in order to set itself apart from the film. The vampire academy The trailer showed the Dragomir family in period costumes akin to classic royalty. The wardrobe, along with the titular academy depicted as a castle, harkens back to the vampire tropes that other series have mocked. This medieval style brings a more serious tone to the story, and will change the way this version of vampire academy plays.

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The vampire academy movies and TV series may have the same source material, but they will look nothing alike. The Peacock show promises to take itself much more seriously and deal with darker themes than Mead presented in the book series. By treating itself as a piece of historical fiction instead of Netflix’s more contemporary take on film and ephemera First murderit will stand out and be more recognizable by fans of the genre.

Although the film version of vampire academy didn’t do well at the box office, it still serves its purpose. This paved the way for a more faithful adaptation on the small screen. The Peacock series has more time to further explore the books’ stories and all of its messy themes, and it has its own style that’s closer to what viewers have come to expect. Although the trailer is all that has been released so far, this new vampire academy is about to finally please the fans.

Vampire Academy premieres September 15, 2022 on Peacock.

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