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Public libraries are an important part of any community.

The Clark County Public Library is a place people can go to not just pick up the latest thriller, but so much more – anyone who’s read John Maruskin’s weekly library column knows this to be true.

Because the library is so important and so central to the community, the vision of the Winchester Sun is to promote the people of CCPL and the events they organize.

For parents, this library’s superpowers include an active children’s program that includes story time and more. So we decided to find out more about Misty Strain, Children’s Librarian. She’s the kind of person who can change a child’s world by introducing them to reading, maybe books like Dog Loves Books.

When is story time?
We have story time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00 a.m.

What is your favorite children’s book? A children’s book to read?
It’s really difficult! There’s no way I can narrow it down to one title, but I love the Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems (one of my favorite children’s authors). One of my favorite books to read aloud is I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen. In fact, I want to use this title for a One Book, One County program in May to encourage everyone of all ages to read this book.

Why do you think children’s story time is important?
Storytime offers several developmental benefits. The books, songs, and felt/magnetic board activities we make in Story Time all develop and maintain pre-literacy skills that prepare children to learn to read. Some social skills are acquired by sharing, interacting and following the prompts and clues given during the program. Storytime encourages imaginative play, sensory development, school readiness, movement, math and science skills, and a positive love of books that will hopefully follow them through life. the life.

Do you have Legos for children to play with?
We have a collection of LEGOs that you can play with while programming LEGO.

What program do you want to present?
We are still working as a Youth Services team to develop exciting new shows for children. I work on the One Book, One County program mentioned above and would like it to be a successful annual program.

What are you doing for the library?
As a children’s librarian, I always strive to make the library a safe and welcoming place where children want to come. My goal is also to connect children with the right books for them and to foster a love of reading.

How long have you worked for the library?
I worked for the Clark County Public Library for almost 21 years.

Finally, what is the best part of working at the library?
The best part of working in the library is making the connection between the children and the books. This can take the form of reading aloud a book that a child actually responds to, or giving the right book to the right child. There’s a book called Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates that says, “The dog loves books but most of all…he loves to share them!” “. This is how I feel. I really like to share the books that I like.

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