Illustrator Ladner partners with mother to create children’s book about child abuse


“Tiny Finds His Whisper” Teaches Childhood Trauma in an Age-Appropriate Way

DISCLAIMER: This story includes the subject of childhood sexual abuse.

Illustrating Tiny finds her whisper – a story about a mouse with a painful secret – encouraged Ladner’s Jurnee Johnston to begin expressing her own story of childhood trauma.

The children’s book written by her mother, Marvel Katz, tells the story of a mouse named Tiny whose whispers are too quiet for others to hear, and it aims to give young children the tools and vocabulary to understand and communicate about sexual abuse.

“Even though I’ve already received counseling and started to move forward with my healing, Tiny just gave me a way to start talking about it and allow my story to be heard as well. And that’s part of why we created Tiny – it gives that safe space [to talk about it]Johnston says.

Motivated by her daughter’s story, Katz also intends the book to act as a safeguard to protect children from possible sexual abuse.

“Unfortunately Jurnee was sexually assaulted when she was young and I didn’t find out until I was 16 what had happened… it was too late to go back. [then]Says Katz, who has worked in early childhood education for over 30 years.

Tiny finds her whisper doubles as a children’s resource and story, intended to be read aloud by an adult, and includes mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques, and free trauma-informed training and support opportunities .

Tiny’s mission, their website reads, is “to give the smallest child a voice.” A chance to say “NO! And stop the abuse in its tracks. Give parents the resources to help their injured child and together create a healing journey. “

The mother-daughter duo have more books planned for the future, all focusing on childhood trauma and adjustment, and are in the process of having Tiny Finds His Whisper translated into multiple languages.

“This is something we need to have a conversation and do something proactive about… We pay forward and take the pain and mess of our story and open the door for another child to receive. healing, to get the help they need from a young age, ”Katz says.

They work with the Little Warriors Childhood Sexual Abuse Treatment Center, Be Brave Ranch, and Tipping Point counseling and counseling, Katz said.

Tiny Finds His Whisper is available for purchase on Amazon.

If you want to know more about Tiny finds her whisper or the work of Katz and Johnston, check out their website at

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