Image Announces Ultimate 90s Tribute Comic, Local Man



Image releases Local Man from creators Tim Seeley and Tony Fleecs, a story that takes multiple elements to create the best 90s tribute comic.

Comic Book Creators Tim Seeley and Tony Fleecs Team Up For Image comics’ latest superhero series, local man. This won’t be a traditional story as Seeley and Fleecs incorporate elements from the most controversial period in comics: the 90s.

Since comics have existed, there are a few decades as interesting in the history of the medium as the 90s. From gimmick cover promotions to the rise of creator-owned industries and the rise of new publishers to the complete market collapse, the decade is filled with radical changes and particular choices. But 30 years later, 90s nostalgia has slowly but surely started to catch on among fandoms and comic book makers alike. Marvel and DC have dipped their toes into cashing in on fans fondly remembering the decade with variant and novelty covers. Even Image has brought back a few of its gems to celebrate the infamous decade.


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But Image Comics’ next release isn’t a retread of the past, it’s the perfect homage to one of the most dynamic periods in comic book history. Exclusively with CBR, local man from creators Tim Seely and Tony Fleecs has been revealed by famed ’90s publisher Image Comics. Fusing elements of dark fiction and superheroes, local man follows retired superhero Crossjack who returns to his hometown following a controversy. But Crossjack’s return oddly coincides with a number of bodies starting to appear. local man will be presented in Image’s classic “flip book” format with Tony Fleecs drawing the main story and Tim Seeley illustrating a superhero flashback. The first issue of local man will have covers featuring artwork by Seeley, Fleecs and Brian Reber.

local man Honor All About 90s Comics

It’s no coincidence that Seeley’s superhero portrayal, Crossjack, is reminiscent of Rob Liefeld’s work. The creator credits Extreme Studios, the studio of writer and artist Rob Liefeld, as the inspiration for local man. Seeley also mentions that DC’s Vertigo imprint, another ’90s staple, had a huge influence on the book, as did horror and crime stories from the era. All of these things come together to form a book that the creators say is centered around murder, love, and loss, and definitely nostalgia.

The ’90s were a tumultuous time in comic book history, but it was also a time of bold, creative choices and daring originality. It was a time when artists and writers saw their value and ventured into creating creator-owned content that they would benefit from. It makes sense to look back on the decade when so many creators tried so many different things and honor that time with its own comic. Seeley and Fleecs wear their love of the ’90s on their sleeves for this story, and fellow fans of the decade can see how neat and thoughtful their tribute was. Local Man #1 will be available from Picture Comics on February 22, 2023.

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