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Jonathan Dunsky always wanted to be a writer. But after serving in the Israel Defense Forces and entering the workforce, the dream began to fade. But as the Israeli author said The AJNit was always there gnawing at it.

“It came back when I was in my late thirties. I guess it was always there, in the depths of my subconscious, waiting for the right time to come true,” he said.

While he started writing science fiction, it never really felt right. When a member of his writing group suggested he write about what he loves – Israel – the Adam Lapid series came to him.

The first book, Ten years aftertells the story of a German Jewish woman living in Berlin in 1939 who gives her baby to a friend who is immigrating to Israel.

In 10 years, she has known nothing of her son. When she finally makes aliyah, she hires private detective Adam Lapid, a former police detective, Nazi hunter, and Auschwitz survivor, to find him. The series degenerated from there.

Dunsky explained that historical fiction was a natural fit for him.

“I’ve always loved history. I find it fascinating to discover different eras and cultures. I love to read crime novels and historical novels, so combining the two comes naturally to me,” he said.

“Writing the Adam Lapid series taught me more about the history of Israel than I ever learned in school, so I feel like I gained a deeper understanding of my country and my people.”

Other books in the series follow Lapid as he investigates the death of another Auschwitz survivor, proving alibis for clients, searching for unfaithful partners, and more.

The final book in the series sees Lapid working with a man he hates – they know who committed the murder, but they must find out why.

For Dunsky, the most important thing in writing is to tell a great and engaging story.

“My goal is to write gripping crime fiction that immerses the reader in the action and makes them turn the pages and wonder what’s going to happen next,” he said, continuing to explain that he also enjoys exploring the early history of the State of Israel. .

“I’ve been blessed with wonderful readers from all over the world, including Australia. Readers have told me that reading an Adam Lapid novel makes them feel like walking the old streets of Tel Aviv and Haifa.

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