‘It’s a different style of learning:’ Mount Sterling installs ‘Story Walk’ to promote children’s literacy



MONTGOMERY Co., Ky. (WKYT) – A new walking trail activity in Montgomery County is designed to help improve children’s reading skills.

The Walk of History opened on Saturday at Botts Park in Mount Sterling.

Members of the community group Leadership Montgomery Class of 2022 planned the literacy project.

“We’re going behind the scenes at Montgomery County to see how things work,” said member Vanessa Tuttle.

A long time out of the classroom has left some students falling behind. Educators are working to reverse falling test scores, while programs like Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library are popping up across the Commonwealth to help.

The Botts Park walking path is lined with pages from a book.

“Each podium has two pages from a children’s book,” Tuttle said. “The idea behind it all is that as they read, they read two pages from each book and move on to the next podium. By the time you’re done, you’ve walked a mile.

The first book presented is “If you give a pig a pancake”.

“By the time you get to the 15th podium, you’ll have finished reading a book,” said Sarah Congleton.

His research for his completed master’s thesis at the University of Kentucky inspired the march of history.

“That kind of gives a more fun opportunity for kids to get outside and learn to read,” Tuttle said.

The creators of the walking story said it was a motivational activity inspired by a concerning statistic.

“Kindergarten readiness is at a low 50%, so the class was passionate about talking about it, doing something to promote literacy, as well as family unity and physical activity,” said Congleton.

She said only 32% of students in Montgomery County are ready to start school.

“It’s lower than the states around us, so that was another concern,” she said.

With each step, children are one step closer to discovering how the story ends.

Members of the Montgomery Leadership class said the book on display in the park would change monthly.

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