Jim Lee and Talent Talk on DC’s Future at NYCC



DC Comics’ Jim Lee is at New York Comic Con 2022, talking about all things DC with other talent during a Friday panel.

CBR sits on the panel and reports LIVE on the event for all the conversations, reveals and more possibly along the way.

The crowd settled in, with every seat full as the DC logo flashed on screen.

Jim Lee took the stage, promising the audience that a sizzle reel will play. The reel performs to promote DC Universe Infinite, a comic book service dedicated to reading DC Comics past and present.

“I’m super excited to be back at New York Comic Con,” Lee said, continuing with a laugh, “It was wonderful – I mean, it was awesome!”

The first ad with on-screen artwork was DC 90’s REWIND, revisiting the decade for DC. Lee then announced that, surprisingly, Marc Silvestri was present on the panel. While talking about challenging a team to create ’90s-inspired comic books and covers, Lee announced Waller vs. Wildstorm, an event that will pit Amanda Waller against the WildStorm characters. Lee has invited award-winning writer Spencer Ackerman on stage, who will work on Wildstorm vs. WildStorm with writer Evan Narcisse and artist Eric Battle.

According to Lee, Waller vs. WildStorm will be a DC Black Label series, the company’s mature imprint, and clarified that means it takes place outside of the main DC continuity. It will be available on November 15.

Lee, acting as moderator, passed the mic to Ackerman to talk about the title, explaining how it’s about protecting people, discussing the writer’s own experiences as a national security correspondent/journalist and what he saw. The writer said Amanda Waller was one of his favorite characters and the title would be set after the Cold War. The title is intended to address the question of the role of the United States in the world after the Cold War.

Ackerman spoke of his own journalism experiences, such as coming to light with the Edward Snowden story. An “Absolute Joy,” according to Ackerman, was taking what he knew and exploring a similar concept in the upcoming Black Label book.

Lee explained how he thought about how the title would be received and how it brings the WildStorm characters closer to the DC Universe, mentioning how Return of the Dark Knight and The killer joke were outside of DC continuity but became so popular that continuity moved to incorporate their stories and/or push towards them.

The Black Label book, as Ackerman noted, grew out of a reflection he had on whether there had been a “Year One” story for Amanda Waller.

Lee asked Ackerman what it was like to see Battle’s work on the show. The writer replied, “There’s a depth that I just can’t produce.” Ackerman compared the journalistic process he used to do — with editors, photographers, etc. — to making comics and talked about how similar the two are.

After calling the ’90s “breeding ground” for new creators, Lee shifted the conversation to Milestone Comics and invited Static Season 1 artist Nikolas Draper-Ivey on stage.

Ivey explained how he was introduced to comics by his father after previously being in anime and shows like dragonball, and how he was a fan of Static but never thought he’d ever draw for the character. When first offered the opportunity, he admitted it had to be a “joke” at first.

New comic book covers and art pages from Ivey then appeared on screen, revealing that Static: Dakota Shadows will be released in 2023 with Static: Season 1The creative team of attached.

After Lee talked about Milestone creating new series over the years to accommodate new audiences, the next reveal was Icon vs material, a versus title also released in February 2023 that will divide heroes over who to side with. Another revelation was 30th anniversary special.

Ivey asked if audiences remember when Static teamed up with Batman Beyond in animation, revealing that Milestone will bring a new crossover between the two characters to the comics for readers to enjoy.

Another announced title was Static: up all nighta young adult series from writer Lamar Giles and artist Paris Alleyne in summer 2023.

Lee’s next guest onstage was Batman writer and creator Jace Fox John Ridley, who wrote for the character in an ongoing series, I am batman. Lee asked Ridley about Jace’s sister Tiffany’s involvement in the show, asking if she was going to be Robin for his Batman. Ridley talked about how in the future state storyline, Tiffany becomes Jace’s partner, not a sidekick, a partner. Ridley gave those who may not be familiar with the series some context on the new Batman and his move to New York, as well as the title’s secondary characters.

“When the chips are down, no one will be there like family,” Ridley said after a discussion of his own experiences and Jace’s family in the title.

Lee moved on to Ridley’s other new and upcoming series, GCPD: The Blue Wall, which will focus on Renee Montoya and the stress of being a cop in Gotham City (one of the most criminal cities in the DC Universe). Ridley explained that people today have uncomfortable conversations that aren’t usually wanted, but in the world of DC, challenges can be explored and there’s an appetite for them.

“Everyone loves a hero story,” Ridley said, saying the story was about storytelling and policing, but admitted he wasn’t sure if The blue wall is canon or not. Ridley also said Renee would face heavy title losses.

The next step was Ridley’s Batman One Bad Day: Penguin one-shot scheduled for October 18 and illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli. One-shots are based on a line of The killer joke and what a “bad day” turned Gotham’s thieves into the villains they are. Ridley said not everyone may know the Penguin and the story will explore the one man who took everything from the Penguin – and that’s not Batman. A new character that Ridley mentioned creating for DC was Umbrella Man.

Lee said he “loves” how Ridley builds almost a “penguin verse” with the story he tells in the one-shot.

Finally, after being revealed at the start of the panel, Silvestri took the stage to talk about Batman and the Joker: The Deadly Duo, the first issue was released on November 1. Silvestri worked alongside Lee in the 90s, who joked that the 90s “was a long time ago”. Artwork was shown for the upcoming title, with Batman gliding through the night sky and the Joker watching him from above.

Silvestri called his pitch for having Batman and the Joker “silly”, thinking it would never happen, but the idea was appreciated by those he pitched to at DC Comics. “There are no two characters – the hero and the villain – as iconic as Batman and the Joker,” he said, continuing, “No one in comics shares the same dynamic.” He then said that no one really knew which of the two classified as “the crazy one”.

Jim Gordon will “start losing body parts” in the first issue, Silvestri revealed, talking about how The deadly duo will be another Black Label book outside of DC Continuity that not only forces Batman to work with the Joker, but actually needs the villain’s help with the case before him. Speaking about the artwork, Silvestri said that while Batman is muscular and “a force to be reckoned with” while the Joker is lean, he wanted to show that while the two stand together side by side, both will be scary. someone watching them.

The last surprise guest on the panel introduced by Lee was Joe Quesada, artist and former Marvel editor. Quesada spoke about how his roots are in his own work and art, and it was revealed that he created variant covers for Batman #131 and #132, part of the ongoing series by writer Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez.

Lee asked Quesada if he would be working on “just covers” for DC, which Quesada claimed to be the case at the moment, and said it felt like “unfinished business” to appeal to Batman more.

And with that, the panel ended.

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