Jordan Feliz Hit Single “Beloved” Inspires Children’s Book


RIAA Gold® Pop Artist and Singer-Songwriter, Dove Award Winner Jordan Feliz was inspired by his first daughter, Jolie, to write and record”Beloved“, the title track of his debut album released in 2015. The song has gone on to encourage millions of listeners around the world, including the famous children’s author Jes Woller and illustrator Hilary Griffithwho combine their talents for the hardcover children’s book that warms the heart, Belovedpublished today (September 20) via Music Centricity in collaboration with Callawind Book Publishing. The book is now available to order from book.

Written by Woller, edited by Centricity Music’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Kory Henkeland beautifully illustrated by Griffith, this treasured 24-page read-aloud storybook for ages two to six teaches young children to find their worth not in the things of this world, but rather in the love of Jesus.

“Pretty, my love. “Beloved” started as a reminder for you. A tale of the simple truth that you are loved and cherished by the creator of the universe,” Feliz tells his real-life daughter. “It is my deepest desire that you never forget that in Him is your worth. Now that is a prayer that we can proclaim over our entire family and the world!

“I pray that everyone who reads this book will remember God’s love for them and that their identity in him will be stronger,” Feliz continues.

Beloved tells the story of a little girl, aptly named Jolie, who spends a day at the beach with her father. Her father, who bears a remarkable resemblance to the author of the song “Beloved” in the picture book, tells his daughter that she is “beloved”. Jolie is having a fun day wondering what the word means and how she can continue to be loved by her daddy. Tucking her into bed at the end of the day, her father reveals that she will always be loved by him and her mom, and even more so by Jesus, and continues to share with his daughter the hopeful message that she enjoy as a child of God.

“It has been such a privilege to work on this project and to provide a reminder to children that they are loved and cherished no matter the circumstances or their own efforts,” says Woller. “Beloved is a beautiful song, and my prayer is that this book may further emphasize the value God places on us and how deeply loved each of us is.

“We loved the song ‘Beloved’ from the first time we heard it,” Henkel adds. “We knew it was a special story and we wanted to give it new life and relevance even seven years after it was first released. Jes wrote such a beautiful script and Hilary brought it to life in a remarkable way. We “We’re very proud of who Jordan is, not just as an artist, but as a father. We’re thrilled to be able to bring this special song to life in a unique way.”

Singing “Beloved,” fan favorites and #1 radio hits like “jesus is coming back” and “Glorify” from his current third album Say itFeliz recently wrapped up his signature Jesus Is Coming Back tour with a special guest Jonathan Traylor and is currently on the “jesus peopletour with three-time GRAMMY nominee and American Idol alum Danny Gokey. Co-produced by Jordan Mohilowski and longtime Feliz collaborator Colby Wedgeworth, Say it combines pop, gospel and soul with some of Feliz’s most transparent and personal lyrics to date.

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