Kamchatka Tells An All-New Horror Story From Dark Horse Comics (Exclusive)



Screen Rant has an exclusive announcement and special preview for Stranger Things: Kamchatka, the exciting new miniseries from Dark Horse.

screen delirium has the exclusive announcement for Stranger Things: Kamchatka, a brand new series of Black Horse. This shocking new chapter of the Strange things The universe will be set in Russia and involves a mystery that can only be solved by the children of a scientist who has strangely disappeared. screen delirium is proud to share this preview of the upcoming series and show off some of their gorgeous, yet terrifying covers.

This addition to the Strange things Universe is the latest comic-based expansion from the beloved Netflix franchise. The various linked mini-series developed details that weren’t examined in the series, such as Will Beyers’ time in Upside Down or the introduction of other test subjects from the same experience as Eleven. As the series prepares to spend some time in Russia in the upcoming fourth season, Dark Horse offers an adventure that will satisfy all fans looking forward to next summer.


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Stranger Things: Kamchatka brings a team of stars to the table, many of whom have worked on previous Strange things books. The comic will be written by Michael Moreci, screenwriter of The parcel and Wasted space. The pencils will be made by Todor Hristov, artist for Stranger Things: Halloween One Shot. Colors will be provided by Dan Jackson who worked on Strain and Stranger Things: Erica the Great. The crew is completed by letterer Nate Piekos from The Umbrella Academy and Black Hammer: Reborn. See below for an overview of the different covers for Stranger Things: Kamchatka exciting first issue!

Stranger Things Kamchatka Comic Cover Art 2

In a statement prepared by Dark Horse, the series is presented as “A Russian scientist is kidnapped by Soviet troops, leaving only a mysterious case and many questions for his two teenagers. While their father is trained to arm a monster brought back from the United States, the two teenagers embark on a heart-wrenching and perilous journey to find it, with the help of an unlikely ally: a former KGB spy, former but extremely murderer.“.

The ground and the covers must have Strange things fan already connecting the dots and taking social media by storm to theorize. Viewers of the show may recall the heavy military presence during Season 3, when the sleepy town of Hawkins is overrun by Russian soldiers trying to open a new portal to the Upside Down. Not to mention the Demogorgon seen in a gulag during the season’s epic cliffhanger, which has driven the internet mad with speculation. It looks like fans will finally get some answers, or at least some backstory, in comic book form with Stranger Things: Kamchatka.

Hype is already under construction for the summer 2022 premiere of Strange things season 4 and fans eager for the return can whet their appetite with Stranger Things: Kamchatka. the Black horse comics series arrives March 23, 2022 and is now available for pre-order from your local comic book store.

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