Kishwar Mirza enters the genre of children’s books with “Stories and poems from the heart of a grandmother”


Every child would be so lucky to have a grandmother who knows how to tell a story. This is how the granddaughter of Kishwar Mirza – author of “Stories and Poems from the Heart of a Grandmother” (FriesenPress; 2019) – think of his grandmother, now a rising children’s book author.

The book has an appropriate title if there is one. In her feature film for The Festival of Storytellers Season 2 hosted by ReadersMagnet, the author explained the significance of her debut post’s title, “I’m a Grandma, and everything to me is pretty personal. It’s also loving, so that’s what it comes from a grandmother’s heart.

“Stories and Poems from the Heart of a Grandmother” is filled with short stories and poems inspired by the author’s granddaughter. “It’s a collection of stories and poems that I’ve written, and a lot of the illustrations are stories and poems that are in the book itself.

“My inspiration was my granddaughter and I wanted to write stories and poetry for her. I also work. I’m a pediatric nurse so I work with children so I felt children needed to read and learn something. I want to give them something positive.

the use of anthropomorphism animals has always proven effective in teaching children morality – popular among children’s book authors. The author does not hesitate to use this technique. “As you can see, I use animals in my stories. You can use animals and you can humanize them in certain ways. You give them personalities.

At Kishwar Mirza “Stories and Poems from the Heart of a Grandmother” is a testament to a grandmother’s love for her grandson – and an affirmation of her storytelling prowess. Copies are available on the author’s website

At Kishwar Mirza “Stories and Poems from the Heart of a Grandmother” will be publicly displayed at the exhibit that self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet will host at the 2022 Tucson Book Festival on March 12-13, 2022, at the University of Arizona Mall, Tucson, AZ. Make sure you don’t miss this.

Stories and poems from the heart of a grandmother
Author | Kishwar Mirza
Publication date | April 30, 2019
Editor | FriesenPress
Book retail price | $4.99-$15.49

Authors biography

Kishwar Mirza M.Ed has worked as both a teacher and a pediatric nurse. She enjoys writing, cooking and being around children, with whom she is passionate about sharing positive messages through stories and poems. She lives in Winnipeg where she spends time with her granddaughter.

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