Last Man co-creator says series improves on comics


Y: The Last Man writer and co-creator Brian K. Vaughan praises the comic book TV adaptation, saying it’s even better than the source.

At New York Comic Con 2021, Y: The last man Writer and co-creator Brian K. Vaughan praised FX on the Hulu TV adaptation, saying the live-action series is even better than its source material.

Vaughan – also known for comics such as Saga, Paper girls and Runaways – made a surprise appearance at the Y: The last man sign at NYCC. “I’m here, humbled to be in front of you guys. I, I can’t believe how great this show is,” he said. “Yes. I hate to say that it elevates the source material to be an understatement. I just think it transformed it and yes. I remain proud of the comic, even though I was a little jerk when I wrote it. and it was a proverb another time. “

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Vaughan was also sure to thank his Y: The last man co-creator Pia Guerra, the artist of the original comic. “I was so grateful to have Pia Guerra by my side,” he said. “Comics are a truly collaborative art form. Yes would not be alive without Pia, in the same way, and I think when the time came to do that, we said to ourselves: “We want to find more collaborators who will take up this baton and continue to run with it in other places we could never have dreamed of. ‘ And so it’s wild I just had a meeting with you [showrunner Eliza Clark], and I was like, ‘Eli, please make it yours, make it better’, and I didn’t think you would make it that much better. “

“I was incredibly stunned because this is my favorite comic and I had to, like, get over that. The first 15 minutes of you meeting was just me sweaty,” added Clark, who – in addition to serving as Y: The last manshowrunner of – wrote three of the episodes of season 1, including the premiere and the finale.

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Vaughan said, “You’re very sweet. But it’s not just how amazing the characters are, they feel like platonic, the best possible ideal versions of Yorick, of 355, of Dr. Mann, but it’s the new characters that have come. I can’t imagine the show without them. I want to go back and do the comic again and put them all in it. It’s just, it’s breathtaking, so I just wanted to say thank you to all of you. “

Written by Vaughan and illustrated by Guerra alongside Goran Sudžuka, Paul Chadwick and the inkwell Jose Marzan Jr., Y: The last man was originally published under DC’s Vertigo Comics imprint, for 60 issues from 2002 to 2008. The comic follows Yorick Brown (played by Ben Schnetzer in the adaptation), who – with the exception of his companion monkey, Ampersand – is the sole survivor of a mysterious plague that instantly kills everyone with a Y chromosome on Earth. Y: The last man was critically acclaimed, winning three Eisner Awards, including Best Continuing Series in 2008.

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Clark’s television adaptation of Y: The last man premiered on FX on Hulu earlier this year on September 13, with its 10-episode first season slated to end on November 1. It was recently confirmed that FX on Hulu will not be ordering a second season. The cancellation would have nothing to do with the number of viewers, but rather the fact that the options already extended on some cast members had expired. Y: The last man is currently looking for a new home for a potential Season 2.

New episodes of Y: The last man airs Mondays on FX on Hulu.

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Source: New York Comic Con

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