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Confessing a Truth: Secrets of US Military Operations and Political Issues

“William Reynolds weaves his tapestry of events in a novel that goes beyond mere conspiracy theories and recounts with military terminology and plenty of painstaking detail”

— Pacific Book Review.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 15, 2022 / — What forces, developing or centrally planned, have slightly changed American life? With all our wealth and technological advancements, are we still the land of the free? These questions and more are explored in William Reynolds’ novel Sanctify.

James Ortega was fifteen when his Cuban half-brother, Jesus, was a buried victim of the Vietnam War. It is only when he meets his brother’s fiancée, the beautiful and enigmatic Kathy Shine, that he considers the possibility that Jesus is still alive and the buried coffin is empty.


Frustrated on all fronts, James eventually contacts Paul Deland, who is in a high-level position in the Navy. Thus begins the search for the mysterious Jesus, a search that forces us to examine our troubling times in light of dubious, but haunting, connections to history.

“Sanctify’s historical fiction plot is metaphorically charged with real and shocking events and a murder sanction that changes American history and our collective concepts. The book’s culture-altering chain of events begins with Jesus, Spotter and Hunt at Dealey Plaza. The location of Kennedy’s assassination. Events such as The Bay of Pigs, the 1960s, 9/11, and more, in our time of questionable social and moral sanctions, illuminate the theme. of the book; “Are We Free? A provocative, passionate, and enlightening read like no other.”—Mindquest Review of Books, Amazon customer review.

Born in 1951 in Nashville, William Reynolds graduated from the McCallie School in Chattanooga and received his Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. There he fell under the tutelage of fiction professor and writer Robert Drake, who entered one of Mr. Reynolds’ short stories into the Southern Literary Arts Festival.

Reynolds then took a teaching job, where he taught English. During a break from teaching, he met a man named Gene Carver, a former smuggler and pilot, who claimed to have witnessed the execution of Che Guevera in Bolivia. From there was born Reynolds’ first novel, The Murder of Che Guevara. After taking a teaching job at Hendersonville High School, just outside Nashville, Reynolds published The Reich Mutiny, which some critics have called America’s best novel written about World War II. Five years later, he published Sanctify, an equally powerful book on, among other things, the truth behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Reynolds retired in 2012 and later published her fourth novel, Mena.

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