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A native of Chippewa Falls continues to make waves in the literary world after a lifetime of introductory and transformative experiences.

Sandra Kaye Kruse was born and raised in Chippewa Falls and recently released her latest written offering, “Tales from the Liminal”. The collection of curious and delightful short stories details how you never know who you are going to meet or where you are going to end up.

Between humor and horror, satire and allegory, fabulism and realism, “Tales from the Liminal” takes you on an extraordinary walk, plunging you into spaces where anything is possible, in particular transformation in times of uncertainty, in particular rites of passage .

“All of the stories in the collection play with liminality in one way or another,” Kruse said. “Some dive deep. I was first intrigued by the idea of ​​liminal through my own experience – those situations, places and encounters in our lives that we find ourselves in between and in between. What fascinates me most about these experiences is that they are often undesirable at first, but later turn out to be essential to a significant period of growth or understanding in our lives.

After attending a Catholic school for 12 years in the Chippewa Valley, in 1988 she moved to Madison to graduate from the University of Wisconsin in English and launch her writing career. After her big debut in The Onion, however, she found herself on a 25-year sabbatical to raise 11 children.

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Since coming out of the period of her life, Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction, Kruse’s writing has been shortlisted for the John Steinbeck Award for Fiction and won several prizes in the Keats Literary Competition of the National League of American Pen Women’s. . “

Kruse said the inspiration for writing her latest book was the weird stories she loved as a child, including “Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury and “The Metamorphosis” by Kafka.

“I wanted to be a writer after discovering stories that made my heart beat faster and those stories were always weird and existential stories,” Kruse said.

Now that the book is available for everyone to enjoy, Sandra has said she hopes those who read her latest work will get something out of it, although she’s sure everyone will remember something different from her work.

“Everyone gets something different from a book and that’s probably the most amazing thing about reading,” Kruse said. “But if I can list a few takeaways, I guess I might hope that readers will come out of it with an openness to the possibilities offered by introductory situations, as well as the courage to let life do its transformative work during such times. , however disturbing they might be.

“Contes du Liminal” is available now on For more information about Kruse, you can visit his Facebook and Instagram pages @postmodernpilgrim.


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