Lindfield author and daughter publish first-ever children’s book about mischievous Giganta Moles



Giganta Moles – A New Beginning (Austin Macauley, £8.99) is written by Chris Best, of Backwoods Lane, and illustrated by Ashleigh Best of Hailsham.

Chris, 63, said his daughter came up with the idea in the mid-2000s, when she was just eight years old.

He said: ‘She was living with her mum in Hailsham and I was at Haywards Heath at the time. It was during our round trips. We had just come out of Newick and there were these fields on the left with these huge mounds that looked like dirt.

Chris and Ashleigh Best with their recently released book, Giganta Moles – A New Beginning

Chris asked Ashleigh what could have created such a spectacle.

He said: “She looked out the window and looked back and said ‘Giganta Moles’. I said ‘oh I didn’t know there was such a thing’ and she said ‘oh yes, few people know it’.

Ashleigh then told Chris about these remarkable creatures and they continued to discuss what Giganta Moles had done.

Chris said: “Once we had a motorbike roaring past us. I said ‘crikey they’re in a hurry’ and she said ‘well those are Giganta Moles’. She said ‘you wouldn’t know, would you? They are all leather with boots and gloves”.

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Chris, who lives with his wife Madeleine, retired in 2015 after selling his energy consultancy business. He had promised Ashleigh that when he had time he would write stories of Giganta Mole and told her that she could illustrate them.

So he started writing the story of a Giganta Mole family that creates a new house under the ownership of a farmer. Naturally, the farmer is not too happy and a battle of wits begins.

Chris enjoyed the writing but was happier to have delivered on his promise.

Ashleigh, who is now 25, said: “I am so happy and excited that our book has been published.”

She said: ‘To have Dad remember and produce a wonderfully portrayed version of our story warms my heart.’

Ashleigh said she continued to draw in college and added, “It was really sentimental to pick up a pencil again for a very special reason.”

Chris now has eight stories written for children aged seven to nine.

People can request A New Beginning at Waterstones or buy it at

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