Mariah Carey Launches New Children’s Book ‘The Christmas Princess’



Mariah Carey is now the author of her very first children’s book and it comes out just in time for the holidays. The self-proclaimed queen of Christmas has released her highly anticipated illustrated book, The Princess of Christmas.

Thursday, the interpreter of “All I Want for Christmas” posted a video of unboxing the books for the first time with her daughter, Monroe, who was very excited to show off the book fairies, who look just like the 11-year-old girl.

Written by Carey herself, starring Michaela Angela Davis, and illustrated by Fuuji Takashi, the book tells a lighthearted vacation story about Little Mariah, who “hasn’t got much and doesn’t want much, but there’s just one thing she craves for: a peaceful and joyful holiday,” according to the book’s synopsis. “Feeling left out and alone, Little Mariah embarks on a winter wonderland journey, eventually discovering the healing power of her voice to spread Christmas spirit at home and around the world.”

Carey made her first holiday children’s book announcement in a Instagram post back in January. “The Princess of Christmas is a fairy tale for holiday lovers of all ages,” she captioned the post. “Little Mariah represents my inner child who believes in her own vision, she represents all children, especially those who feel like strangers or ‘others’, striving to believe in themselves. It was empowering to turning the troubles of my childhood into a modern classic fairy tale full of boundless wonder and hope.

Over the years, the pop star legend has been candid about being ostracized as a biracial girl and a victim of bullying. In her book, she wanted the main character, Mariah, to work through this sadness through music, as the singer did. The beginning of the book features a note to his younger self: “No matter what things look like now, you are worthy and deserve all the attention, love, protection, care, conditioner and disguises of the whole world .”

While many fans may not know much about her childhood, the inspiration behind Carey’s Little Mariah character in the book won’t surprise anyone: her Christmas love. “When I’m off stage and I’m in vacation mode, there are rules that I set,” she said. USA today. “I don’t care who it is – kids, if I have guests it doesn’t matter – no one is allowed to play or watch anything other than a Christmas related thing. If I wake up in the middle of at night and I walk into the living room, and the music isn’t playing and the lights aren’t on, I just can’t stand it.

Logic. After all, this is the woman who is literally signaling the start of the holiday season with her viral social media videos. On Tuesday, the day after Halloween, Carey rang over the holidays with a video of her ditching her witch Halloween costume for a Santa-inspired jumpsuit and a title card that read “It’s About Time.”

The Princess of Christmas is available on Amazon for $15.99 and up Carey’s Shop Site for $18.99, including a matching t-shirt. You can also find the book at Target.

Besides the book, the holiday queen is set to give new Christmas concerts from next month at Madison Square Garden from Toronto and New York.

“I try to make these shows as magical as possible,” she said. USA today. “A lot of times as a kid, or even early in my career, I didn’t feel loved. I certainly never felt unconditional love and that’s what I have with my fans: that connection. So I’m extremely excited.

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