Marvel Comics’ February ‘Star Wars: Sana Starros’ Miniseries, Cover and Preview Pages Revealed



Ever since she was introduced as Han Solo’s secret wife (which of course turned out to be wrong) in the first 2015 volume of the current Marvel canon star wars cartoon, rogue smuggler character from Sana Starros steadily grew in popularity, eventually becoming a regular presence in the Doctor Aphra series.

Now, Marvel and Lucasfilm Publishing have announced that Sana Starros – whose Starros clan ancestors also appeared in the Star Wars: The High Republic initiative — will get its own comedy miniseries starting in February. Marvel also revealed two tantalizing covers and three pages of this comic’s first issue.

What is happening:

  • The Sana Starros character will get her own miniseries from Marvel Comics starting in February.
  • The miniseries will be written by Justina Ireland (Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters – Jabba the Hutt) and illustrated by Pere Pérez (Star Wars: Revelations), with the main cover by Ken Lashley (see below) and a variant cover by Sara Pichelli (see above).
  • The official synopsis for the highly anticipated miniseries reads: “Sana Starros first appeared in the early issues of Jason Aaron and John Cassaday’s legendary Star Wars series as the long-lost ‘woman’ of Han Solo. Since then, the no-frills smuggler has played a vital role in various Star Wars comic book stories, putting aside her villainous nature to aid the Rebellion with her sharp piloting skills and strategic expertise. Now she becomes just the second Star Wars character to debut in a Marvel comic book to boast her own solo series, and fans will see a whole new side to her! The series will reveal new details about Sana’s origins and introduce her extended family who have just become entangled with the Empire!

What they say :

  • Editor Mark Paniccia: “Justina and Pere give you the kind of Star Wars ride that old and new fans alike will delight in and smile about alike. It’s packed with action, hilarity, and characters you’re sure to fall in love with. Plus, we uncover… Starros family secrets that will surprise even Sana!
  • Screenwriter Justina Ireland: “Writing Sana Starros is an incredible honor as I really enjoyed what Alyssa Wong did with the character of Doctor Aphra and so I’m thrilled to give Sana some space to take center stage. Sana is a complicated character who tends to play her cards close to her vest, and getting inside her head and sharing a bit of who she is outside of her relationships with people like Aphra or Han or Leia was a blast.
  • Artist Pere Perez: “I’ve wanted to draw a Star Wars book since I was a kid. I really do my best to capture what I love about the franchise in the pages and do justice to Justina’s storyline. From starships to alien planets to the droids, the aliens, the creatures, the action, everything in this book is everything I wanted and more.

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