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Welcome to this week’s edition of Dollar Bin Digging where I highlight a few books to watch for on the cheap.

This week, I’m looking at some more fun speculation related to recent news, leaks, rumours, theories, and announcements. Topics ranging from Black Panther 2, Joker 2, Star Wars, and more. Just a few more fun books to hunt down on the cheap based on rumors for upcoming MCU and DC comics and projects.

Watch the video if you want to see other books I’ve talked about this week that aren’t featured below:

As I always say, comics should be fun; and I want to provide content that keeps this hobby as good as it should be. Anyway, if you follow my IG you might have seen some of these pickups before, as I usually share my pickups there when they happen. Check it out if you like to see more books than I cover here. So, without further ado, let’s see what you should be looking for in these trash cans…

The first standing:

Doom War #5

It’s a book that’s been a bit pricey for a while. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good to still know what it is.

It is therefore the 1st appearance of the Midnight Angels who are in a way a squad of the special forces of the Dora Milaje.

Some recent costume photos have revealed a pretty accurate version of the Midnight Angels, so we can expect to see some badassery.

Next step :

Detective comic #471

Ok, so people guess who Mad Eye Moody actor Brendan Gleeson will be playing in the Joker 2 movie. Many popular classic characters like Penguin, Scarecrow, etc.

My favorite picks are Jeremiah Arkham, who is the first one in Shadow of the Bat #1, and good old Hugo Strange.

Now Strange has a Golden Age first appearance, which is out of reach for most people, so a cheaper option is this modern reintroduction in Detective 471. It’s still a cheap book, and a book you can find mixed in Batman’s cheap boxes. .

Next step :

Vampires: The Walking Dead Marvel

I realize this is more of a sourcebook than a comic book story, but it’s still a good resource and a fun book to hunt down.

I mention a few other books in the video related to Vampires and Nosferatu, but this is kind of a catch-all book.

I’m looking forward to this Werewolf By Night Special because I think that Universal Monster vibe will be a lot of fun. Lots of Easter eggs for sure for the darker corners of the Marvel Universe.

The last:

Star Wars: AOC #4

I realize that Star Wars books in cheap boxes are getting fewer and fewer these days, but you can never see enough movie adaptation books buried in there.

Now, Wat Tambor’s first appearance might be pretty weak, but if they decide to make the character more prominent in the comics, it might spark more interest in this book.

This also features a few other first appearances. Check out the full master roster here on the site.

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