Moon Knight Directors Reveal Which Character Comics They Consulted For Inspiration


Naturally, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead knew fans of the “Moon Knight” comics would be looking for homages to his Marvel Comics stories on the show. And while the directors didn’t point out any specific shots fans should look out for, they did note how a specific comic book run from 2016-17 helped influence the show.

“There’s no doubt that all of this footage, the superhero footage, has a ton of mental real estate for people. There’s so much spectacular action on this show,” Benson told Looper. “Things that we would personally watch, for example, mind-blowing images, would be like the [writer-artist Jeff] Lemire Trail [of comics] — not that there’s a sign that’s been accurately reproduced or anything, but looking at the spirit of it.”

Moorhead looked at other examples of why Lemire’s comics, which he primarily collaborated on with artist Greg Smallwood, were so inspiring.

“That particular race also affected our composition a lot because it involves a lot, I believe, of slipping into mixed realities,” Moorhead observed. “They would have things like, say, a match cut, where you go from one scene to another, but the elements of it look alike, which makes your brain skip a beat. They did on the Lemire race page. For us, this was a favorite that we kept coming back to. We printed out lots of different boards of it and taped them to the wall while we tried to find the inspiration.

“Moon Knight” streams exclusively on Disney+, with new episodes premiering every Wednesday through May 4.

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