Mother and teenage daughter with autism publish children’s book to help overcome anxiety and bullying


V displaying his illustrations in real time with the Astrid book.

Our mission is to help parents and educators understand how geeky interests such as cosplay, video games, and digital art can lead to valued careers and positive mental health.

—Kat Mahoney

USA, Sept. 11, 2022 / — Astrid & The Case of the Missing Cupcake, is a new mother-daughter children’s book written by author Kat Mahoney, owner and producer of Katbrat Studios, and digitally illustrated by his daughter “V” (pen name, Voidstarz) of Voidstarz ART, who struggles with autism, anxiety, social phobia and was bullied in high school.

“Meet Astrid, a seven-year-old Filipino girl who loves cosplay, video games, baking, and mystery solving. Astrid also has an unbridled imagination which tends to stray from her and sometimes gets her into tricky situations. But this time, Astrid literally has a delicate situation! A missing cupcake! This mystery must be solved quickly so as not to ruin someone’s day.

Astrid was inspired by the author and based on the life of the book’s digital artist and Mahoney’s daughter, “V” (pen name Voidstarz). V is a high-functioning autistic young adult who was severely bullied in high school and struggles with autism and anxiety disorders. Her journey with cosplay, video games and artwork was the solution she needed to help both mother and daughter through difficult times.

Mahoney said: “V has autism so she always struggled with communication, academic pressure, anxiety, social phobia and the ability to fit in with her peers. She was bullied a lot in high school and art and cosplay allowed her to reach fans with similar interests, she found many kids her age struggling with the same issues and found a connection.

All of the books revolve around gamification or what is also known as educational entertainment, such as cosplay, video games, board games, and STEAM. Each series will focus on a different aspect within this industry and will emphasize autism and how these interests can benefit mental health.

Astrid’s projects include books, a web cartoon series, props and clothing, and a portion of all proceeds will be donated to local autism and teen mental health organizations. “Our mission is to provide an insider’s look for parents and educators to understand how geeky interests such as cosplay, video games and digital art can lead to broad careers as well as positive mental health. for all children, regardless of their special needs.” said Mahoney.

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