Ms. Marvel’s Comic Book Origins Need An Overhaul



The next Ms. Marvel show drastically changes her origins and powers, so maybe the comics should be changed to match that.

Ms. Marvel is one of many upcoming Disney+ television shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and features the eponymous young heroine Kamala Khan. However, unlike many MCU productions, Kamala’s backstory and powers have been changed wholesale. This includes his connection to the Inhumans, which was apparently cut in the series.

Considering Kamala’s size in the comics, maybe Marvel should do the same to her there. This retcon might seem a bit extreme, but it only makes sense if Marvel is hoping for synergy. It also matches what’s been done for two other MCU heroes. Here’s how and why Kamala’s comic book story would have to be changed to fit the show.

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Why Ms. Marvel’s Origin Should Change In The Comics

Synergy is a big thing with the MCU, especially with the new generation of heroes. Although some fans may roll their eyes, this is definitely a special case. In the comics, Kamala is closely related to the Inhumans, who see her interact with Medusa and the Inhuman royal family, namely their dog Lockjaw, and they are initially prominent members of her supporting cast. Of course, that’s not the case with the MCU, so changing things up will keep newcomers from getting confused.

Ms. Marvel is certainly the most popular of the new heroes besides Miles Morales, aka Ultimate Spider-Man. So, having his comic book counterpart so drastically different in both premise and his superpowers will certainly reduce any long-term boost in sales of his comics. He’s honestly almost a different character at this point, or at least a very different incarnation. Marvel can’t even quite use the excuse DC can, in which various comic book reboots and a multiverse that began with the Silver Age account for incongruous character elements. So, it would be better to somehow modify Kamala to fit the TV show version.

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How Kamala’s Origin Could Change To Fit The MCU

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While organically changing Kamala’s origin and powers to better fit the comics might be a task, Marvel has done something similar before. Before the MCU (and possibly after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness), Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were both mutants. Without Magneto or any of the other mutants to explain their powers, their origins had to be changed in order to fit in with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The comics quickly followed suit, erasing their mutant origins and thus decades of continuity and character development. Kamala isn’t as old as Stan Lee/Jack Kirby’s creations, so if a retcon could be accepted, this one certainly could.

Perhaps the best way to explain the change would be that Kamala’s inhuman powers fail her, forcing her to use the powered device she has in the upcoming TV show. Better yet, maybe even reveal that his Terrigenesis was unnatural and was experimented on by the Inhumans. Given their current return to obscurity and their more than morally questionable history, casting the Inhumans in a villainous light wouldn’t be that difficult. Of course, that wouldn’t even be necessary if the Inhumans’ push into the comics and TV shows had actually been successful. Since that’s not the case, it’s time for Ms. Marvel to divorce the Inhuman species altogether.

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