Natalie Tasci Srour launches her book, Yara the Great, a children’s series with depiction of the Middle East


Natalie Tasci Srour is thrilled to announce the release of her book, Yara the great. Through the book, the writer aims to bring the representation of the Middle East into a world where these characters are underrepresented.

In the first book of Yara the great seriesthe writer aims to bring a secular representation of the Middle East to the world of children’s literature by teaching children simple rhyming lessons that are both fun to read and easy to understand.

As the child of Middle Eastern immigrants growing up in the United States, Natalie Tasci Srour wanted to create the depiction of the Middle East that her childhood lacked with a series of children’s books that would be equally relevant to all children. “I created Yara because it was something I never grew up in but wish I had. Being from the Middle East in America, you are underrepresented in many ways. Everyone deserves to have someone to identify with, even if it’s a 7-year-old fictional character who thinks he can fly.” reveals Natalie.

Another book in the series is “Yara’s lunch.” In this book, Natalie teaches all Yaras around the world to learn to embrace their culture, as evidenced by their unique lunches. She helps them see that they are, in fact, rockstars for being unique and enjoying their culture unapologetically.

Natalie has over ten years of experience in childcare and is well known for her work in refugee camps in Lebanon, where she taught and organized activities for refugee children.

In the novel, Yara, the main character, is portrayed as a superhero with superhuman strength, speed, and flight. The supergirl, Yara, can solve everyone’s problems until she meets one of her own. The picture book describes in more detail how she handled the situation.

The Yara The Great book is available for purchase on Amazon or on the website for $9.99.

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