Netflix’s The Sandman Deliberately Recreates a Mistake From the Comics


Sandman co-creator Neil Gaiman confirms that the upcoming adaptation is so faithful that it knowingly reproduces an error from the original comics.

The sand man Co-creator Neil Gaiman recently revealed that the Netflix adaptation deliberately recreates a mistake from the comics in the design of one of its settings.

Gaiman explained why the highly anticipated series intentionally gets the same small but crucial detail wrong in a Tumblr post. “There are people asking how committed we are to the comics,” he wrote. “And the response is committed enough to leave an error in the comics to show that we care…” The message is accompanied by an image taken from a scene between Dream (Tom Sturridge) and Desire (Mason Alexander Park ) and the comic panels by Gaiman and artist Mike Dringenberg that inspired it. In the background of both the live action and the line art, Desire’s gallery is visible and displays the sigils of The Endless in the wrong order, with Death’s ankh appearing before the book of Destiny.

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Gaiman also recently confirmed that The sand man will use the correct pronunciation of Johanna Constantine’s name. The scribe assured fans that the occult sleuth (played by Jenna Coleman on the show) will go by “Constan-TYNE” and not “Constan-TEEN”, as per the character’s portrayal in the comics. “Alan Moore named and co-created [John Constantine, who inspired Johanna]and that’s how he pronounced it,” Gaiman said, referencing the original character Constantine’s debut in Swamp Thing #37 by Moore and Rick Veitch and John Totleben.

At the same time, Gaiman remains candid about the changes The sand man brought to the comics, especially the show’s colorblind cast. Referencing the controversy around black actor Kirby Howell-Baptise landing the role of Death, Gaiman recently insisted that hundreds of actors auditioning looked more like the character physically, but Howell-Baptise was ultimately a better fit for the character. role. He also reiterated that the comics had already established that Death (like the rest of The Endless) did not have a fixed appearance.

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Gaiman went on to describe that his disappointment with the howard the duck film as a teenager is what motivated him to wait until now to move forward with an adaptation of The sand man. “I was so excited when I heard George Lucas was doing a [Howard the Duck] film. So what [the film] came out of. howard the duck became a bad joke. I never wanted this to happen Sand sellerand I’ve seen scripts that would have made it possible,” he said.

The sand man premieres Friday, August 5 on Netflix.

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