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Which books may have potential for film or television options? Rights available is a preview of notable new or upcoming titles that have studio appeal (and have been purchased). Below are the titles that appeared in the January and February issues of The Hollywood Reporterall of which were available at the time of publication of their respective issues.

BY Thomas King AGENCY Westwood Creative Artists
This graphic novel is told from the perspective of an Indigenous boy who gets arrested at the Canada-US border with his mother after identifying their citizenship as Blackfoot, leaving them in a prolonged void.

Part memoir and part magical realism, the story follows Echo as she navigates an Ivy League school as a black woman, while coping with generational trauma and the mysterious visions that have begun to invade. his daily life.

Devil’s House (MCD, JANUARY 25)
BY Jean Darnielle AGENCY WME
As true crime keeps its grip on Hollywood, this book would allow a filmmaker to hold a mirror up to the genre. It follows a true crime novelist who moves into the house where a double murder happened in the 1980s in order to write about it.

Lesser Known Monsters of the 21st Century (TIN HOUSE, FEB. 2)
BY Kim Fu AGENCY Westwood Creative Artists
Here’s a collection of speculative news ideal for streaming audiences accustomed to black mirror and The Haunting of Hill House: A runaway bride encounters a sea monster, a girl grows wings on her legs and an insomniac is seduced by the sandman.

A wishing comb (TREE TO QUILL, FEB. 8)
BY Lisa Stringfellow AGENCY House of writers
Still reeling from her mother’s death, Kela finds a magic comb near the ocean that summons a wrathful mermaid who will grant her a wish, but at a dangerous cost.

red thread of fate (BERKLEY, FEB. 8)
BY Lyn Liao Butler AGENCY UTA
In this novel, a husband and wife want to adopt a baby from China, but the husband dies in a tragic accident involving his distant cousin. Now the woman has to take care of this cousin’s 5-year-old daughter and decide whether or not to pursue the adoption.

BY Karen Joy Fowler AGENCY WME
This work of historical fiction focuses not on the most famous member of the Booth family, but on the inner and outer worlds of his many siblings before and after America’s first presidential assassination.

The Wonderful (HENRY HOLT & CO., MAY 3)
BY Dhonielle Clayton AGENCY Curve
Set in a magical school in the sky, the story follows a student, Ella, who is the first of her kind to attend the famous Arcanum training institute, where she must overcome prejudice and hopefully make a friend or of them.

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