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Read With Me Volunteer Programs Welcomes New Executive Director

Read With Me Volunteer Programs is pleased to announce the hiring of Dan Zimmerman, who began his term as Executive Director on July 1. Zimmerman, who grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, earned her Bachelor of Science degree in high school English at Boston University. and the University of Rhode Island before beginning a career as an educator. He also holds two master’s degrees (school administration and liberal studies) from Indiana University.

Prior to beginning his position with Read With Me volunteer programs, Zimmerman was the principal of Incline Elementary School in Lake Tahoe. It was there that he first partnered with Read With Me to provide extra reading support and extra books for students.

“I’m excited to continue helping kids learn to read,” Zimmerman said. “I discovered how powerful it was to match struggling readers with adult volunteers through our partnership with Read with Me. When I looked at our data on student reading growth, I was delighted to find that the simple act of reading one-on-one with a student on a regular basis had a significant positive impact on student achievement.As principal, I appreciated the additional support from adults in the building, leveled books that students took home during breaks; and additional funding for after-school programs.

Zimmerman hopes to move away from the virtual tutoring sessions that had replaced in-person tutoring during the pandemic. It seeks to expand the volunteer base so that the needs of Read With Me Volunteer’s 17 participating schools in the Coachella Valley, Tahoe and Reno are met for students in kindergarten through 6th grade. The goal is to build a volunteer base and receive additional sources of funding so we can help even more students succeed in reading.

“We are excited to be able to hire a paid Executive Director,” said Founder and President Roberta Klein. “Dan Zimmerman is the ideal candidate with many years of experience as an educator and administrator with a focus on literacy. He fully understands the value of Read With Me volunteers in the classroom. We believe it will take our already excellent program to the next level of effectiveness.

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