New York’s “Prince of The City” releases second children’s book


A luxury hotel professional and author shares his life experience in his second children’s book “The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of the Prince: Everyone’s Good for Something”.

As the world of social media is captured in fashions, trends and viral content, Prince A Sanders, who won the title of “Prince of the City” by Forbes magazine, wants to motivate children across the United States. United to find what makes them unique and stick to it in the face of adversity through his second book “The extraordinarily ordinary life of Prince: everyone is good for something. “

The book is based on Sander’s childhood experience. “As a kid, I thought my life was pretty ordinary,” Sanders continues. “Later in life, as I shared stories with friends and colleagues, many of them found my life quite special. It was through their eyes that I discovered that maybe my ordinary life was. to be extraordinary after all.

The liberation of ‘The extraordinarily ordinary life of the prince: everyone is good at something, ‘ Prince’s second book aims to encourage children to follow their hearts and create their own extraordinarily ordinary lives, providing them with the tools to overcome any bullying they may face. The premise of the book is about Prince and how he differs from his brother Andrew who is a great athlete. Although Prince’s brother encourages him, Prince cannot force his body to do the things he is asked to do. He then discovers the ballet that he seems to have been born to do according to his teacher.

“Young people today need to be encouraged, supported and loved for themselves as they discover their passions,” says Sanders. Prince A. Sanders is passionate about the social development of children and empowers them to take action through his own personal experience via his second book and has been recognized by Story Monsters Inc. alongside big names like the Governor of California Gavin Newsom and bestselling author DJ Steinberg.

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The extraordinarily ordinary life of the prince: everyone is good for something.

“The extraordinarily ordinary life of Prince: everyone is good for something” is the second book in the Extraordinaryly Ordinary Life of Prince series after the first book “Which Fork’s First”. The books are intended to educate children and motivate them to create a life worth telling to others. In the sequel “Everyone’s Good at Something,” Prince A. Sanders draws on personal experiences to help children overcome the challenge of finding their passion and empower them to pursue that passion with vigor.

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