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Writer and adventure lover, early childhood educator Nikki Lee has combined her two affections to create a book of wonder, to spark the imagination of your children everywhere. Let’s jump in with Jolli, shall we?

Jump with Jolli Around the World, according to the young author, is about a little girl who travels to different countries by jumping. “After her grandmother puts her to bed, Jolli jumps up and takes readers on her many adventures. In the book, she explores seven countries, one country per night, and shares what’s special about each place. The book is set within the one-week time frame, so it can be read in parts or all at once,” Lee explained to Sunday lifestyle.

The book highlights seven countries from different parts of the world: Australia, Jamaica, China, Ghana, Azerbaijan, Norway and Brazil. This history, geography, and social studies lesson, all wrapped up in one exciting package, incorporates information and facts kids may not have known about each location. Leave it to Jolli to open the boundaries so children can learn more about the world around them.

Since living and teaching in China, Lee has observed that most adults are unaware of cultures outside their own; a sad reality for many other people around the world. So she decided to be the change she needed by giving children the opportunity to learn about different countries.

“Books ignite a child’s imagination and allow them to be more aware and critical in their thinking, so I wanted to contribute in that way. I also saw a problem that needed to be solved, so I needed to write a children’s book to nip it in the bud, so to speak,” she explained.

Importantly, she inherited her love for forming young minds from her mother, a retired teacher who took great pleasure and pride in mentoring many students in the past. Continuing this role, Lee does his best to encourage his students to approach life with a little curiosity and not to limit themselves in their thoughts and actions.

“As a teacher, I constantly read stories to my students. I would find myself getting into character and playing for them every time. I loved how excited they were to hear the stories. It was with this tenacity that she chose to inspire other children outside of her class to engage with their creative side.

“I saw the show in class as an opportunity to write my own story; one that would be both entertaining and educational,” Lee explained, adding that being an author was a recent goal she set for herself and that she is glad she achieved it from start to finish. “I’m proud to have accomplished it.”

This children’s book was a labor of love, taking nine months from first word to submission and Amazon publication. Throughout the trip, she worked with an illustrator, Nazia bi bi, who had the unique ability to turn the new ideas presented into beautiful images. “I am very satisfied with his work,” she added.

Lee also enlisted the expertise of a small editing team, which was responsible for the cover design and interior layout. The creative process, she explained, involved many moments of writer’s block, self-doubt, and countless revisions. But she also learned the biggest lesson of all: confidence in her abilities.

“It’s all been a trial and error experience for me. I’ve learned that there’s nothing wrong with writing ‘madness’ on paper. All of these nonsensical ideas can be refined and put to good use. wisely,” she said.

With high hopes of creating a Jump with Jolli series, she said that while she enjoyed the writing experience, her most cherished moments were the readings. “I have read many stories to my young students and I can see how much they enjoy listening, how much they have improved in terms of comprehension and critical thinking in English. I can’t pinpoint one loving moment in particular, but I’m overwhelmed with joy every time I read them. I am extremely grateful to be able to play a part in shaping these young minds.

In addition to teaching English as a second language to kindergarten and preschoolers, she is also interested in art, board games, and studying various world cultures. His advice to budding writers is to take the time to pursue their dream. “It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s important to write down what comes to mind because it could turn into a million dollar idea. Also read the work of others, especially those that are similar to what you want to write about. Then, when you have a draft, don’t be afraid to share it with others to critique it. This is how writers learn and improve their craft.

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