#NoFalseNewsZone comic series launched in Nigeria


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Facebook and Comic Republic have announced the launch of the #NoFalseNewsZone online comic, an exciting and educational comic book series designed to help people think critically about the messages they see and read online. The series helps readers identify fake news and what they can do to help minimize its spread.

The online comic, which comes as a three-part series, will feature the stories of an experienced nurse, intern journalist and college student who are on their personal journey to educate people. on how to fight fake news and join the fight. against disinformation to help create an online #NoFalseNewsZone.

“Facebook is excited to launch its #NoFalseNewsZone online comic in collaboration with Comic Republic. We have developed relevant and compelling stories to entertain people while educating them on how to minimize its spread, ”said Oluwasola Obagbemi, Facebook’s corporate communications manager for English-speaking West Africa, while commenting on the launch.

“As a pioneer of innovation for human connection through social presence, Facebook has empowered people to build communities and bring the world closer together in new and deep ways. Our hope is that with this comic online, people will make informed decisions by thinking critically about what they read, trust and share, ”added Obagbemi.

Speaking on the collaboration, Comic Republic CEO Jide Martin said, “In a world where we are online for everything that matters, it is now essential to protect our new reality. More than ever, with just one click online, you can create or waste a life.

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As such, we all need to be responsible for the information we share on social media. Comic Republic’s mission is rooted in storytelling for a cause, so the #NoFalseNewsZone campaign is in our back alley and it’s so exciting to work. I urge people to read and forward it, but most importantly, think carefully before sharing unverified messages with their contacts. We don’t need superpowers to do good.

To download the #NoFalseNewsZone comic series, visit: https://www.thecomicrepublic.com/site/web/NoFalseNewsZoneviewer.html?file=NoFalseNewsZone_facebook_October_2021_Comic_Republic_Web.pdf

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