North Carolina author brings diversity to children’s books


“Jalen’s Big City Life” teaches children the power of diversity by showcasing unique experiences the characters have.

CHARLOTTE, NC — A Charlotte author is working to add more diversity to children’s books with a new series of stories this month.

Dorothy Price was the winner of the “We Need Diverse Books” mentorship program. She grew up writing, having enjoyed poetry and song since she was just 11 years old.

“I wrote it all down,” Price said.

After attending communications school and working in television for a few years, Price realized she had an opportunity to do more. It was then that she had the idea of ​​becoming an author.

She has just completed a series of children’s books called “Jane’s Big City Life”, which will hit stores this month.

“The whole series takes place in town, in an apartment building with your family and loved ones in the same building,” Price said. “So JC, it’s JC for short, he has two best friends, Vicki and Amir. The book basically explains all their adventures when he moves to town, goes to school.”

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A big lesson of the series is the power of diversity, showcasing Jane’s different experiences in the big city.

“One of the goals of this book was to really show young people who may not be familiar with city life and the different ways of living what it’s like to live differently than they might live themselves- same,” Price said.

She was able to realize her own dream thanks to a mentorship program aimed at increasing diversity in the books. One page at a time, Price teaches kids that we can look different and live in different neighborhoods, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be together and play together.

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