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Local writer Patrick Ramsay wanted a space for writers to mingle and enjoy literature together, so he created one himself. “I love the literary community here in Ogden, and we haven’t had a space for writers and readers to congregate since before the pandemic. I wanted to create a space where you could go find a new book, maybe attend an open mic, and be part of a workshop with other writers in person,” Ramsay said.

The decision to open a bookstore came to Ramsay from a place of inspiration. He shares that Marcy Rizzi, owner of what was once reserved on 25, “has facilitated such a positive and engaging community.” He points out that the space, while open, gave him a feeling he will never forget.

Happy Magpie is a community-based literary space that operates in a giving-centered mode, which, in turn, will make literature more accessible.

“This means several things: first, we accept (and need) donated books. We sell the books on a payment basis. If someone can only pay a penny for a book, we’ll gladly take the penny and they’ll walk away with the book. And then we donate a portion of every purchase to a local organization. Think of it as a micro-economy where used books and generosity are the currency,” says Ramsay.

“We’re creating a space where you don’t have to buy a beer or a cup of coffee to enjoy the company of other writers and readers. If you just want to get out of the house and talk about poetry for a while, we’re your people,” adds Ramsay.

To donate books to Happy Magpie, contact Instagram (@happymagpiebook) or email [email protected] to coordinate donations. You can also bring your books through Studio 7 to Monarch, where there will be a donation box outside the door.


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