One of the Most Controversial Comic Book Movies Ever Made Fights Back on Netflix



What about either version of Justice League hasn’t that already been said? Based on the frequency of the DCEU’s biggest failed trends on social media, the answer doesn’t seem to be much.

Initially ramped up in development much faster than it should have been as the franchise raced to catch up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in hindsight the all-star superhero epic imploded from of the second Joss Whedon stepped in to replace Zack Snyder, once the original director died following a family drama.

Warner Bros. expected a $1 billion gain, but ended up with a paltry $657 million instead. Although this is a number that 90% of major blockbusters would kill for, Justice League did not generate a penny of profit in theaters after subtracting $300 million in production costs, plus huge marketing and distribution expenses.

Fans rejected and rebelled against the film, which ultimately left the Snyder Cut to debut on HBO Max to much fanfare and overwhelming buzz last March. Calls to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse continue to cast a shadow over the DCEU to this day, but fans won’t be happy to find Whedon’s version soaring up the Netflix charts.

According to FlixPatrol, Justice League V1.0 is fast approaching the platform’s Global Top 20, having suddenly found itself in the midst of a resurgence. Obviously, the Snyder Cut remains an HBO Max exclusive and favorite take on the vast comic book saga, but naysayers would much rather see Whedon’s abomination not find an audience at all.

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