One of the must-read middle-aged children’s books in 2022 is Giant’s Secret by CaHeart



Children’s author CaHeart continues to delight young readers with a heartwarming middle-level start, The Giant’s Secret. This wholesome story teaches kids about depression in an age-appropriate way with an adorable cast of characters.

book cover of The Giant’s Secret

The Giant’s Secret follows the life of Gilleon, a giant who just wants a friend to call his own. But since he is a giant, everyone is afraid of him because of his imposing size and superstitions about monsters in the dark. Gilleon begins to lose hope of finding a mate, at least until he comes across the last creature he expected to care about him – a fairy named Secret.

The Giant’s Secret is perfect for parents, caregivers, and teachers who want to teach the children in their lives about mental health and self-care. From bedtime stories to classroom storytime, this charming novel treats heavy subject matter with the utmost care while remaining both quirky and engaging.

CaHeart hopes this story will help children recognize the value of true friendship and the healing impact it can have on those struggling with depression. At a time when many children are facing uncertainty and social change, The Giant’s Secret is a simple yet powerful tale to show young readers that it’s always okay to ask for help, support and love.

The Giant’s Secret is available for purchase at, wherever books are sold.

CaHeart (“See a Heart”) was born in the beautiful countryside of New York. From an early age, CaHeart had a powerful love of storytelling that helped Heart battle depression one character at a time. To learn more, visit CaHeart at or Instagram @see_a_heart.

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