One Piece Did It All With Episode 1017: Watch


One Piece really pulled out all the stops with the action scenes from episode 1017 of the anime, so now is the time to check it out! Overall, fans noticed a huge change behind the scenes when Dragon Ball Super: Broly director Tatsuya Nagamine took over as the main change maker for the Wano Country arc. This not only resulted in some of the best scenes in the series to date, but many episode fans are now considering the best of the anime as a whole. As it continues past the 1000th episode, it’s clear there’s no sign of it slowing down.

As fans just saw a major masterpiece from the series a few weeks ago as One Piece set the stage for the fight between the Emperors and the Worst Generation, the latest episode of the series officially kicked off their fight in its entirety with one hit with some of the best footage from the Wano arc overall. As Luffy, Kid, Law, Zoro, and Killer battle against Kaido and Big Mom, it’s clear that there will be even more explosive scenes to come if Episode 1017 is anything to go by. Check out some of the great examples spotted by fans below:

Episode 1017 of A piece is titled “A Barrage of Powerful Techniques! The Fierce Attacks of the Worst Generation!” and the episode certainly lives up to the title, as the Worst Generation and the Emperors unleash impressive attacks themselves. Each unleashes some of their strongest attacks at their disposal, but at the same time, the Emperors themselves don’t really put in the same amount of effort. This is going to show just how big the gap between the two sides really is.

While Luffy and the others give their all to inflict damage on Kaido, the Emperor himself just brushes off all attacks with the same thick skin that had given Luffy a problem at the start of the episode. bow. Then there’s Big Mom, who just stands there and knocks them out from afar with her lightning and flame attacks. It will be a tough fight from now on, but at least the team behind the anime are doing their best as well.

If you wanted to check A piece Episode 1017 for yourself (plus everything else), you can now stream the series on Crunchyroll! What do you think? How did you like A piece’the last episode? Do you like the fight between the worst generation and the emperors so far? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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