Oni Buys Jeremy Lambert & Alexa Sharpe’s MG OGN Trilogy Night Mother




The mother of the night is a new trilogy of mid-level graphic novels by Jeremy Lambert and Alexa Sharp, “when the Night Mother throws her city into perpetual night to sap the souls of the living, it’s up to the girl who lives in the graveyard to stop her.” Purchased by Oni Press, The mother of the night, volume 1 will be published by Oni in the fall of 2023. Their agent Tamara Kawar at ICM Partners brokered the deal for the trilogy.

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Jeremy Lambert is best known as a writer for Doom Patrol, Goosebumps, Attack on Titan and buffy the vampire slayer comic books. He also worked as a production manager and producer for the film production company Breakwater Studios, Ltd. for five years, culminating in one of her 2022 Oscar-winning productions for Best Documentary Short, The Queen of Basketball, with another receiving a 2021 Oscar nomination, A Concerto is a Conversation. He has also served as a casting director and extras assistant, working on Game Of Thrones, True Blood, La La Land, Fast & Furious 7, Magic Mike, True Detective, and more. Alexa Sharpe is best known as the cover artist for Magicians, woodcutters, rolled and told, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Oni Press based in Portland, Oregon. was founded in 1997 by former employees of Dark Horse Comics Bob Schreck and Joe Nozemack and have been leading the way in popularizing the term “true mainstream” for their comics and graphic novels, rejecting superhero comics in favor of realistic thrillers, romances and dramas, and waiting for the rest of the world to industry is catching up. In 2019, Oni Press merged with Lion Forge Comics as part of the Polarity conglomerate.

Tamara Kawar joined ICM’s books department in 2017 after internships at Teachers College Press, Macmillan and Writers House. She holds a BA in Comparative Literature from Princeton University and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from Columbia University. She grew up in Beirut and Paris and currently lives in New York. Tamara is currently on the lookout for adult and YA sci-fi and fantasy, graphic novels of all genres, as well as historical fiction and LGBTQ romance. She is particularly interested in underrepresented voices and perspectives in speculative and genre fiction.

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