Peacemaker Fan Art Gives DC’s Ultra-Violent Anti-Hero a Kid-Friendly Makeover



Peacemaker helps superhero fans learn the alphabet in new fan art that transforms the ultra-violent character into a children’s book hero.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Peacemaker Episode 2, “Best Friend, Forever.”

by James Gunn Peacemaker is definitely not a kid-friendly show, but a fan has reimagined the titular comic book character as the hero of a children’s book.

The image, posted to Twitter by freelance illustrator Matt Kaufenberg, features Peacemaker in a cartoon style with a smiley face and a really big gun. Next to it are the words “P is for Peacemaker”. According to the caption, Kaufenberg really enjoyed the new superhero show, and he “had to do some fan art (in my DC Alphabet style of course).” The illustrator has also created official artwork, including stickers and book covers, for many popular companies such as Marvel, Disney, and Hasbro.

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Created by Joe Gill and Pat Boyette, Christopher Smith/Peacemaker made his comic book debut fight 5 #40 (1966) and his film debut in Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Played by professional wrestler, former rapper and actor John Cena, the character killed off Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag in the film, angering some superhero fans. Gunn defended the decision, saying Peacemaker “had a reason to do it” and that killing Flag was consistent with his own principles.

While the murder is true to character, Gunn isn’t done exploring the aftermath of Flag’s death, and Peacemaker is still questioning his own feelings about it. In the second episode of the HBO Max series, “Best Friend, For Never”, he goes into an emotional breakdown, taking advantage of several insults against himself and saying, “You killed Rick Flag. Flag was right, ‘Peacemaker. What joke.’ “The last lines refer to the last words of Flag.

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While Peacemaker has its serious moments, it’s also filled with plenty of hilarious moments, including a deadpan dance sequence to the tune of Wig Wam’s “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” in the intro. In a recent interview, Cena shared which co-stars he thinks have the best (or possibly the worst) moves.

Recent developments for Peacemaker and the larger DC Extended Universe doesn’t end with fun fan art. A new clip confirms the canon status of a surprising member of Batman’s rogues gallery. It shows Task Force X support group member John Economos (Steve Agee) telling Peacemaker, “I’d rather be with Harley Quinn than you. I’d rather be with the weasel than you…I’d rather be with this damn bat -Mite than you.” Bat-Mite is a two-foot-tall trickster imp from the Fifth Dimension and, as Economos puts it, “Batman stans”. The character first appeared in Detective comics #267 (1959) and is often compared to Superman villain Mister Mxyzptlk.

Peacemaker is available to view on HBO Max.

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